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Seven Uses for Silica Gel Beads

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They come most things ordered online. From tiny packets in the bottom of pockets to larger bags added to keep things fresh. Silica gel beads are more than just a one time use. The beads have a shelf life of last 3-6 months and can accomplish a lot of things that spruce up home life!

Brown Sugar: Place a packet or two of silica beads at the bottom of an air tight container. Add in the bag of bag sugar on top. Shut tight and see how much longer the brown sugar remains fresh and easily measured for use.
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Trash Can: I used to sprinkle baking soda every now again in my trash to neutralize the smell. Instead, I stick a few silica bead packets on the top of the trash can. Silica not only neutralizes the smell,  but it takes out moisture. The moisture enhances the smells in the can, so when eliminated, there is a huge improvement. Every three to six months, I throw them away and put a few fresh packets to keep the scents at bay.

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Fridge/Freezer: With so many different types of food going in out the fridge and freezer, there is bound to be some smell cross over. Place about three packets in various points of the fridge and freezer. I like to stick on in the produce drawer in the fridge because the freshness of the the produce is extended as well. Any moisture is absorbed as well along so is any residual smell. Keeping a stinky cheese tasting good, but not stinking up the fridge is a dream come true!
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Cell Phone Savior: Cell phones that took a dip in the ocean or pool must be dried off quickly. Towel dry the phone to soak up any exposed residual water. Place the dried phone in phone in a bag filled with silica gel packets. I give my bag at home a boost of power by adding rice and oatmeal so every part of the bag will work at drying out the phone. Leave over night and this bag of goodness will give the phone a fighting chance to be bone dry again.

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Luggage: Traveling to a wet and damp place or maybe even during a rainstorm? Place a few silica bead packets in the luggage to keep the inside items crisp and dry.Make sure to add them in the exterior pockets or interior compartments that have the really important stuff. I place one at all times in my toiletry bag and jewelry bag for good measure.
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Silver Jewelry: Gather up the silver jewelry you wish to keep looking clean. Place them in a plastic bag and add a couple of silica bead packets. They will stay pristine for a very long time. The lack of moisture stops the rusting process. This way the silver studs or serving tray looks simply divine!
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Keepsakes: This one is my favorite. I am an avid collector of cards and photographs. Although I wish to sort them all out and put them in books right when I get them, a large majority is still in a keepsake box. To make sure everything remains the same in quality, place a few packets in the box. The Silica beads remove moisture in the closed space allowing the keepsakes to remain dry. I makes me happy see that even thought I may not have done anything with the keepsakes, the important items are not ruined.
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