NEW VIDEO: Mesa cop who rescued dog from canal shares body-cam video

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(Source: 3TV and Mesa Police Department) (Source: 3TV and Mesa Police Department)
Goodrich used a pole to snag Sparky and pull him out of the water. (Source: Mesa Police Department) Goodrich used a pole to snag Sparky and pull him out of the water. (Source: Mesa Police Department)
(Source: Bryan Yeager) (Source: Bryan Yeager)
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

The Mesa police officer who saved a dog from a canal last week is sharing body-cam video of the rescue.

It was last Tuesday after "Good Morning Arizona" that Sparky was out for a walk with his owner, John Tenaglia, when he spotted some ducks in the canal and apparently decided he wanted to play with them.

Sparky took off and jumped into the water.

"All I heard was a splash," Tenaglia said.

Sparky was whisked downstream and out of sight.

[BODY-CAM VIDEO: The rescue]

Tenaglia said he went down some nearby steps to get close to the water.

"I called for him," he said. "I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear a voice, a yelp or any splashing or anything."

[WATCH: Tenaglia, Sparky and Goodrich on "Good Morning Arizona"]

Tenaglia, a veteran who lives with PTSD, thought he'd lost his beloved Sparky.

"Sparky is my guy. He's my mental health. If I had sight of him in that canal, it would have been both of us in there," he said. "I thought he was washed down the canal."

Bryan Yeager, a Mesa citizen, saw Sparky fighting for his life, and after 30 minutes of struggling to get him out, he contacted the Mesa Police Department for help.

Officer Robert Goodrich was the one to respond.

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"It really came down to right place at the right time," Goodrich told our Kylee Cruz. "It could have been any officer. I was right down the road."

While he's been called to all kinds of situations during his nearly four years on the force, this was a new one Goodrich. And he wasn't going to let Sparky drown.

"I think I'm not the only one – when you see a dog in a canal, everybody loves dogs. … We all know we want to save a dog if we have an opportunity to. I'm just glad I got to reunite Sparky with John."

Goodrich had to position himself just right if he were going to have any chance of helping the 11-year-old dog.

"I had to kind of fly down the canal -- I'm not admitting I was speeding -- to get to the other side," he said.

It was a tricky rescue.

"You kind of have to scale the sides of the canal because they are slippery and me going in with gear probably would not turn out very well," Goodrich explained while showing us his body-cam video. "I was able to barely reach it. Actually, at the end, I couldn't even grab the pole. I had to grab the rubber that stuck through. That how far out it was. Luckily I'm fairly tall."

Yeager was recording from the other side of the canal.

[WATCH: Mesa Police Officer rescues dog from canal]

Tenaglia couldn't believe it when his wife received a Facebook message asking if Sparky was missing.

"I call it a miracle," Tenaglia said. "I don't know what somebody else might call it, but that's what I call it."

He is beyond grateful to Goodrich, a fellow veteran, for making sure Sparky made it home.

"You've gotta look someone in the eye and thank 'em when it's a big deal," he said.

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"He saved us," Tenaglia whispered to Sparky after introducing him to his rescuer Tuesday morning.

"I have a soft spot for dogs," Goodrich said. "It's one of the calls I'll remember from my career and be proud of that little tiny action I did."

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