International Beer Day: 10 snacks to pair with your brew

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While having a beer might just be all you need to join in on International Beer Day celebrations today, sometimes washing a snack down with your choice of beer makes the occasion all the more fun. In the spirit International Beer Day, here are 10 must-have snacks to accompany with your beer today.


Arguably, there's no finger food more popular and deserving of a spot on this list. This cheesy, crunchy favorite can be served up in endless ways -- and help bring out the flavor of your drink. Whether drenched in cheese or piled with ground meat, it's hard to go wrong with nachos when you're kicking back a few.


Americans love their French fries almost as much as they love their beer. French fries are more than just a side to your burger or sandwich. Much like nachos, fries can be served up in a variety of ways and don't have to include a main course. This snack is great to share and is known to hit the spot when followed by a nice draft beer.


There's no need to wait for Taco Tuesday to indulge in these folded delights. Soft or crunchy, mild or spicy, mini tacos make a great appetizer and companion to many beers. So, go ahead and grab a few to share with friends.


While a fat, delectable burger with all the toppings might leave you salivating, it might also take up room for your beer. Stick with sliders and pace yourself to enjoy a mouthful of burgers along with your drink.


If you're trying to keep your snacking to a minimum while you enjoy your beer, chips and salsa (or with guacamole) are hard to beat. They’re also excellent with a sprinkle of lime, which could enhance the flavor of your choice of beer.


A zesty basket full of onion rings can make a great buddy for your draft beer. When mated with the right sauce, it makes an excellent party food as well.


The title says it all. There's no simpler way to eat light and enjoy your evening. The assortment of nuts don't have to be consumed plain either. Many varieties can be sweet, salty, spicy and everything in between, which can be an excellent complement to your beer.


It's International Beer Day -- so don't be afraid to wing it. Buffalo wings are a solid choice for chicken lovers looking to satisfy their appetite until dinner time.


These salty snacks are practically a staple of many bars. Although they are often served dry and crunchy, fresh baked pretzels can also be a soft and warm treat to fill you up as you enjoy your beer.


The garlic and cheese variants of this favorite appetizer are known to be very filling when paired with your favorite beers. Bread sticks are an excellent companion to beer until it's time for a well-rounded meal.

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