New Verizon customer waiting a year for promised perks

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A Scottsdale woman says Verizon offered her a hot deal to switch providers but almost a year later has yet to deliver with no explanation.

It's one thing for a company to say that somehow you're to blame for a delay. Maybe your documentation is incomplete or you missed a deadline. It's another thing entirely when a large cell phone provider like Verizon says you've done everything right and they have no idea why you're still waiting.

Dr. Shana Helmholdt says she stopped by a Verizon kiosk inside Costco. The rep had an awesome offer: Buy one iPhone, get one free.

"I have four lines on my account, so I decided to switch from Sprint to Verizon and take advantage of the offer," Helmholdt said.

Helmholdt bought four phones and was entitled to $650 in credits on two of them. The credits would apply to future Verizon bills. She says she submitted all the required paperwork but three months later still didn't have the credits. That's when the calls to Verizon began.

"To the customer service line, they did not tell me anything that I needed to do; anything further that I needed to provide," Helmholdt said.

Between multiple calls and several visits to Verizon stores, Helmholdt has spent over a year trying to get her credits. She says everyone at Verizon tells her the same thing: 'All her paperwork is in order, Verizon just can't figure out how to apply her credits.' She says It's been a time-intensive, frustrating battle.

"I think I've fulfilled all of my obligations; I mean I've paid my bill on time, in full," Helmholdt said.

Over a month ago, Helmholdt says a supervisor promised to solve this mystery.

"It would be resolved within, I think she told me about a week; I've not heard anything back from them on that," Helmholdt said.

Helmholdt's mother told her not to give up but to call me instead. I contacted Verizon and within an hour they posted that $1,300 credit to her account. Our thanks to Verizon for the ultra-quick work in resolving this frustrating matter.

This is a common problem in the cell phone industry: Providers failing to apply deals due to internal communications problems. Verizon would not provide details on what went wrong, so why we got something resolved in an hour that Helmholdt couldn't in a year is still a bit of a mystery.

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