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Sage, a Sugar Glider visits GMAZ. Sage, a Sugar Glider visits GMAZ.

Wildlife World Zoo: Meet a Sugar Glider 

Related to kangaroos and koala bears, the sugar glider is a tiny marsupial found in Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. We learn all about this little guy, and how much he loves to eat sugar.

Sugar Glider Facts:

  • Related to kangaroos and koala bears
  • Sugar glider are tiny marsupials found in Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 
  • Sugar glider can survive in different types of forests, but it prefers forests of eucalyptus and acacia. 
  • Name "sugar glider" originates from the fact that this animal likes to eat sugar and that it can glide through the air. 
  • Habitat loss due to deforestation is a major threat for the survival of sugar gliders in the wild. 
  • Luckily, population of sugar gliders is large and stable and they are not on the list of endangered species. 
  • Sugar glider can reach 5 to 6 inches in length and up to 4 ounces of weight. It has 7 inches long tail. 
  • Sugar glider is covered with soft grey, yellow or tan fur. Throat, chest and belly are creamy in color. It has single dark stripe that stretches from nose to tail. 
  • They have large eyes that provide excellent night vision. 
  • Nocturnal     
  • Sugar gliders are arboreal. 
  • They are omnivores and their diet consists of insects, lizards, small birds and their eggs and small mammals. They also consume tree sap, flowers and nectar. 
  • Sugar gliders glide from tree to tree using the membrane that stretches from the wrist to the ankle. Size and shape of this "parachute" can be changed by modifying the position of the legs. Sugar gliders use tail as a rudder during the flight. 
  • Sugar gliders can glide a distance of up to 148.9 feet. Sharp claws ensure strong grip of the nearby branches and safe landing. 
  • Sugar gliders are very social animals. They live in groups of 7 or more members. Dominant male in the group uses scent glands to mark all the members of the group. 
  •  They are territorial animal that live on a territory of 2.5 acres. They fiercely defend their home against intruders. 
  • Sugar gliders are very vocal. They produce high-pitched noise, screams and hissing sounds. 
  • Mating season takes place from June to January, with a peak in June and November, when the food is abundant. 
  • Pregnancy lasts 16 days and ends with one or two poorly developed babies (called joeys). Babies crawl into the mother's pouch where they will continue to develop during the next 40 days. Young sugar gliders leave the pouch after 60 or 70 days but they stay with their mother until they reach the age of 10 months. 
  • Sugar gliders reach sexual maturity at the age of 8 to 15 months. They reproduce once or twice per year, depending on the climate conditions and available food. 
  • Sugar gliders can survive up to 9 years in the wild and usually up to 12 years in human care. 

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

Local Love: Fresko

Fresko is Greek for "fresh." The Mediterranean concept is the brainchild of Chef Kody Harris and her wife, Janna, focusing on fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch recipes. Harris began her culinary career in Portland, Oregon at the age of 8, washing dishes in her family's restaurant. She always knew that her passion was for food and the hospitality industry, instilled by her Greek family. Beginning as a line cook 30 years ago, Harris has opened over 22 restaurants and is the owner of BOH Consulting. Open for lunch and dinner, Fresko offers options for every pita lover, from vegans to meat eaters. 

Fresko Highlights:
* Fresko translates to "fresh" in Greek, and it shows. With everything made from scratch in the Fresko kitchen, you can really taste the difference in Chef Kody's wholesome, healthy food.
*  Fresko is BYOB with no cork fee. They just want you to come, relax and unwind over fresh, delicious food Just like the Greeks do.
* Fresko's recipes are so simple and made with love. It's food you can feel good about eating!

For more information, visit: or find them on Facebook at

5033 E Elliot Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(480) 940-3669

Soda Rush cookies are the "Best Of the Valley"

In the newest issue of Phoenix Magazine, our very own Olivia Fierro took part in the "Best of" issue. As a celebrity judge, she taste-tested chocolate chip cookies from all around the Valley, and choose Soda Rush of Mesa as having the best chocolate chip cookies in town. 

For more information, visit: and Phoenix Magazine website:

Soda Rush
9265 E Baseline Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 986-6180

Mobile dog gym offers fitness sessions for your pet 

It might be too hot in the summer months to take your dog out for a walk, but you can still get plenty of exercise for your pet, thanks to one Valley man, and his mobile dog gym. 

Regular RunBuddy Mobile LLC sessions are more than a simple time saver; they expedite energy release and work your dog into an accomplished, calm mindset.  Each session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and are recommended weekly for optimal results.

Problems with Lack of Exercise
Dogs can be like young children. If you don't give them something constructive to do with their energy, they'll find something to do on their own-and you may not like it!

  •     Destructive chewing, digging or scratching
  •     Investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding
  •     Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity
  •     Unruliness, knocking over furniture and jumping up on people
  •     Excessive predatory and social play
  •     Play biting and rough play
  •     Attention-getting behaviors like barking and whining

Benefits of Exercise and Play
The good news is that keeping your dog healthy, happy and out of trouble with daily exercise is a lot of fun and provides many benefits, including:

Reduce or eliminate the common behavior problems listed above, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity

  •     Keeps dogs healthy, agile and limber
  •     Reduces digestive problems and constipation
  •     Helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust
  •     Dogs feel sleepy, rather than restless, at bedtime or when you're relaxing
  •     Keep dogs' weight under control

For more information, visit:

POSA's Back-to-School event donates to 1,000 students

Up to one thousand pre-screened, income-eligible students will receive backpacks, school supplies, clothing, shoes, snacks, books, dental exams, and other services today. It's a back-to-school event that's taking place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Scottsdale Stadium, all thanks to partners such as the Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA). 

For more information, contact Rosita Pinedo, Human Services Representative,
at 480-312-0063 or or visit and search for "back to school."

Scottsdale Stadium-Old Town Scottsdale 
7408 E Osborn Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 312-2586

Three-hour special remembers Princess Diana 20 years later 

It's been 20 years since that fatal car crash took the life of Princess Diana, and it's a day few will ever forget. TLC is remembering the legacy of the "People's Princess" in an emotional three-hour special called, "Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?" 
The three-hour special premiers on Monday, July 31st on TLC

For more information, visit:

School of Rock AllStars perform  

The School of Rock AllStars group represents the most talented students from School of Rock's global network of schools and will perform at over 30 shows in 27 cities this July and August at major venues and legendary stages including MoPop, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lollapalooza. The School of Rock AllStars group (ages 14-18) will be making a stop in Phoenix on Saturday, July 29th at 1:00 p.m. at the Rebel Lounge. This is your chance to get a preview of the next generation of brilliant musicians.

For more information on School of Rock visit: 
or call 866-695-5515. 

For ticket information, visit:

School of Rock AllStars Performance at the Rebel Lounge 
July 29th @ 2:00 p.m. 
Rebel Lounge
2303 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 
(602) 296-7013

Emoji Movie

To learn more about the "Emoji Movie," visit:

McDelivery and its secret collections available in Arizona 

You've heard of UberEats, well, get ready for this, it's Global McDelivery Day! Apparently, UberEATS and McDonald's have teamed up world-wide. But get this. They've created an exclusive collection of merchandise that you can receive today only, beginning at 11 a.m. These special items are only available in select cities, and Phoenix is one of them. It's like a Happy Meal surprise for adults. 

Fans can order McDonald's through the UberEATs app or today beginning at 11am local time from participating locations for the chance to receive a McDelivery Collection item with their order.

To find out if a McDonald's near you is participating, do to