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Authentic Italian family behind Casa Mia in Scottsdale 

You don't have to travel far to get authentic Italian food, we're talking hand-picked and imported from Italy. The family behind Casa Mia in Scottsdale wants to set the record straight about Italian food, and what is actually authentic. You won't find American versions here. 

For more information, visit: http://www.casamiascottsdale.com/

11675 N 136th St., Suite #110
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Seeing double with Casa Mia: Welcome to CM2

It's Casa mia's alter-ego, and a more casual concept to the high-end original. Welcome to CM2 Pizzeria & Bake Shop, which is located right next door. Here, enjoys pizza, salad, baked goods, Italian wine, and all imported and home-made ingredients. The family behind this mom-and-pop shop also holds cooking classes here each month, to help you learn how to be an authentic Italian chef. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. 

For more information, visit:  www.cm2pizza.com

CM2 Pizzeria & Bake Shop
11675 N 136th St., Suite #110
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
(480) 314-0365 ext. 2

Incoming kindergarteners prepare for the school year

Kids in Peoria are getting a jump start into life as a kindergartner through Peoria Unified Kinder Camp. Kylee Cruz explains how parents can get their little ones’ ready for their first school experience!

- Incoming kindergarteners get a practice run before starting the school year at Peoria Unified Kinder Camp. 
- In addition to ABC's and 123's, kids get a feel for the entire kindergarten experience to help shake the first day of school jitters. 
- Students review basic skills with a certified teacher and also walk through the cafeteria line, library and playground. 
- The four-day camp is in its second year and open to any students who are registered for Kindergarten in the Peoria Unified School District. 
- Last year, 76 students took part in the fun, this year there are 155 students enrolled across six elementary schools. 
- It’s not too late to register for school, which starts Aug. 9 in the Peoria Unified School District. 
For more information, visit: www.Peoriaunified.org

Scam Alert: Avoid monsoon storm-related home repair fraud

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is warning Arizonans to be wary of unsolicited contractors coming to homes and offering to help with repairs or cleanup related to monsoon storms.

AG Brnovich offers the following tips to avoid high-pressure sales tactics and home repair scams: 
1.    Do not open your door to someone you do not know.
2.    Do not be pressured or hurried into contracting the services of a door-to-door salesperson.
3.    Check with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to make sure the contractor you are considering has a license. Visit https://roc.az.gov/ to find the status of a company's license and the history of complaints filed against them.
4.    Be wary of a contractor that says you need something repaired immediately, especially if you didn't contact them about the issue.
5.    Shop around. Ask for written estimates from at least three contractors.
6.    Request a list of references and check them before agreeing to hire anyone. 
7.    Ask for a written contract itemizing all work to be done with associated costs and payment terms.
8.    Never pay for the entire job before it has been completed to your satisfaction.

For more consumer protection tips, visit https://www.azag.gov/consumer/door-to-door. If you believe you have been the victim of a home repair scam or any other type of consumer fraud, please contact the Attorney General's Office in Phoenix at (602) 542-5763, in Tucson at (520) 628-6504, or outside the metro areas at (800) 352-8431. Bilingual consumer protection staff is available to assist. Consumers can also file complaints online by visiting the Attorney General's website at https://www.azag.gov/complaints/consumer.

21 ways to a happier depression

Millions of people need a little bit of help keeping depression or anxiety at bay in order to find happiness in their lives. The book "21 Ways to a Happier Depression" offers practical tasks that can help people find their footing and step through the debilitating fog of depression and anxiety. 

For more information, visit: www.21ways.info 

Is the "Golden Rule" ruining your relationship?

"Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you" may be the Golden Rule but shouldn't we treat our partners the way they want to be treated? Relationship expert Susan Bratton joins us.

50% of first marriages, 67% of second and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Is The 'Golden Rule' Ruining Your Relationship or Mucking Up Your Marriage? Don't treat your partner the way you want to be treated!

What is the 'Golden Rule' and why is it mucking up marriages and ruining relationships? 

  • My answer: Do unto Others as You'd Have Them Do unto You. But you shouldn't treat your partner the way YOU want to be treated. Everyone is unique. Treat them the way THEY want to be treated. That is called, "The Platinum Rule." 

The Platinum Rule makes sense. But how do we figure out what we want most and what our partner wants most? 

  • My Answer: Understanding your "Relationship Values" is the key to making you feel like you are both in the idea relationship. Relationship Values are things like: Honesty, Freedom, Faith, Family, Growth, Passion, Fun & Adventure... And everyone's list is unique. 

Can you give us an example of someone's Relationship Values? 

  • My Answer: Lauren's values are Security, Honesty, Freedom and Variety
  • Robert's values are Passion, Growth, Honesty and Fun & Adventure
  • So, they wake up every day and focus on taking action on making her feel safe, giving him affection, etc. 

Is there an easy way to come up with our top four Relationship Values for each other? 

  • My Answer: Yes. Think about the things you loved about your current and past relationships, and what you hated. That gives you insight into your personal value system. Write those down on a list. Then rank order them by asking yourself, "Would I be in a relationship if I couldn't have (this) ____________?" What are your deal-breakers and your must-haves? Explain this to your partner and understand theirs. That's when MAGIC HAPPENS! 

Susan Bratton, Relationship Expert 

Protecting your pups through monsoon season 

Monsoon season can be unsettling for some household pets that are afraid of loud wind and thunder. The Arizona Animal Welfare League shares ways to comfort them through the storm. Monsoon season's humidity can also displace ticks, which can potentially transmit illnesses to pets if bitten. AAWL also shares how to prevent tick-borne illnesses through prevention. 

Monsoon storms can be unsettling for some household pets who are afraid of loud winds or thunder. 
Here's what you can do:

  •     Buy a ThunderShirt
  •     Play reggae music (a study has shown this music genre relaxes dogs)
  •     Recognize signs of distress
  •     Licking lips, ears back, shaking

Monsoon season can also displace brown dog ticks, making it likely for your pet to pick a few up after going outside

  • What/Why? Humidity and rain can cause ticks to seek more hospitable living situations

What do people need to know about tick "season"?

-Prevention is everything. There are various methods of preventing tick bites that should be administered once a month                                                                                                                                                    

  •     Oral medicines
  •     Ointments/gels
  •     Flea/tick collar

Do people need to get the ticks they pull off their pets tested at a vet's office/How dangerous are they?

  •     If your dog seems very lethargic and you find a tick on him, you may want to take your dog to the vet and have the tick tested for a tick-  borne illness 

For more information on visit: https://aawl.org/                             

Arizona Animal Welfare league
25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034

Shark Author: Michelle Aviles

Shark Week!!!  Michelle Aviles and her kids love sharks so much she wrote a book about them. Michelle is a 11-year Breast Cancer Survivor and the book she wrote is called: "Sevengill Will's Shark Adventure."

A young shark named Sevengill Will was longing to explore, so he swam to his friend’s house, Bobby Blue Shark. They decided to gather some of their buddies together for a day of adventure. Sevengill Will and Bobby Blue Shark assembled Connie Cookie Cutter, Sammy Silvertip, Tony Tiger Shark and Benny Basking Shark. They started out on a day they would soon find out to be both exciting and scary. 

For more information on Michelle Aviles' book, "Sevengill Will's Shark Adventure," visit:

How to make your pooch dog-friendly ice cream

Ice cream is not just for people, man's best friend can enjoy it too. And, the recipes are really easy. Puff & Fluff joins us with dog-friendly, home-made versions of your favorite ice cream flavors. For more info:   

The Paws-itively Delightful Elvis Treat
We all know The King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, loved the combination of peanut butter and bananas. The "Elvis" sandwich is made with peanut butter, bananas and, occasionally, bacon! Now, your dogs can enjoy these delicious flavors as well!

  •     1 ripe banana
  •     1 cup of peanut butter
  •     2 cups of natural plain yogurt
  •     2 tbsps. of honey
  •     A bit of chopped up bacon (optional)

1. Mash the banana and then stir it into the natural yogurt.
2. Warm the cup of peanut butter in a microwave or stove until it's easy to stir.
3. Add the banana and yogurt mixture with some honey to the softened peanut butter. At this point you can also include some chopped up bacon for added texture!
4. Mix all ingredients until well combined.
5. Pour the mixture into a non-stick container and then freeze overnight.
It's really that easy! You don't need any special ingredients or equipment, and your pups will now have a go-to snack they can enjoy at the height of the summer season. You can even enjoy some with them, if you like!
Strawberry Coconut Bon A-pet-treat!
It can be confusing to know what is safe and what's toxic for our furry friends but, rest assured, strawberries are a great fruit to share with your pups! Coconut oil can improve your dog's skin and coat, improves digestion, and can also reduce allergic reactions.


  •   32 oz. of plain yogurt
  •   1L?2 cup of pure coconut butter
  •   1 cup of fresh strawberries (washed and dried)

1. Simply add the yogurt, coconut butter and strawberries into a blender and blend till smooth. If you don't have a blender, no problem. Mash the strawberries with the coconut butter by hand, and mix in with the yogurt. Your dogs may prefer the added texture anyways!
2. Pour the mixture into a freezer-safe container.
3. Place in the freezer until frozen!
If you're looking to add that special something on top of your pup’s ice cream before giving it to them, here are a few safe options they can enjoy:

  •  A spoonful of applesauce
  •  Some dribbles of honey
  •  Bits of crispy bacon
  •  A sprinkle of rice crispies
  •  Dashes of toasted sesame seeds

Now that you know how simple it is to make dog-friendly ice cream, you can switch up the combinations of fruits you use. Try using veggies as well! Just make sure each ingredient is safe for your pup. Bone Appetit!

For more information, visit: www.puffandfluffspa.com and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puffandfluff

Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting
4730 E Indian School Road, Ste. #213
Phoenix AZ 85018


People can get just about anything done with plastic surgery these days, but some newer procedures may be doing more harm than good. Some recent trends rising in popularity include "Dimpleplasty” which promises to give patients dimples in their cheeks in as little as thirty minutes! Other procedures include earlobe fillers and under eye fillers. Now, doctors are warning about some of the risks of these "trendy" treatments. 

For more information, visit: https://www.drprichard.com

Advanced Aesthetic Associates 
8900 East Raintree Drive #200
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 752-7874

Xmas in July at Sassy's Cafe & Bakery 

For more information, visit: http://www.sassyscafeandbakery.com/

Sassy's Cafe & Bakery 
4210 E Main Street Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 649-3067

Tim McClellan: Boom Town

A brand-new show airs tonight, "The Boomtown Builders" on the DIY Network. The show stars Tim McClellan who has been building high-end furniture for years. Now he is remodeling the really historic homes in the Jerome area.

For more information, visit: http://www.diynetwork.com/shows/boomtown-builder