Glass table tops can suddenly explode for no specific reason

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A Scottsdale man says he's lucky his family escaped serious injury after his glass patio table just exploded. It is a potential danger any consumer who buys tempered glass may face.

The risk of a glass table top shattering out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, is very low, but it does happen. There is no way to predict when a piece of glass will randomly fail, and that's a scary thought.

"It was just shattered everywhere," Larry Grobman said.

As soon as Grobman arrived home, he saw the mess on his 1-year-old patio table.

"I was totally blown away because there was glass 10 feet in all directions, all the way into the grass," Grobman said.

Grobman says nothing was on the glass top, and no one was home at the time. The glass top just exploded into thousands of tiny pieces. He says his first thought was of his small grand kids who often sit at the table for dinner.

"They could have been severely injured and that was just beyond belief that could happen," Grobman said.

According to many glass experts, a small percentage of tempered glass can suddenly explode. It's typically from a manufacturing flaw in the glass-making process. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it has received more than 400 complaints of exploding glass table tops between 2007 and 2017. Consumers don't know it can happen -- until it does.

"I just can't believe there's not a warning or when you purchase it, they tell you that there is a chance that this could happen," Grobman said.

The problem occurs in a tiny percentage of glass and there are no laws requiring disclosure. Still, Grobman says the risk is too much for him to stomach.

"There is no way in the world that we would have bought a table with glass if we knew there was any chance of it breaking or exploding," Grobman said.

Grobman is so concerned he removed and stored the glass on top of his other patio table. He says consumers need to be made aware.

"Realize the danger that everybody's sitting in front of when they're at a glass table," Grobman said.

Injuries have been reported, so, if the very small risk still isn't worth it to you, do as Grobman now does, consider a metal or wood table for your patio instead.

If you are willing to accept the small risk, don't make a purchase until you check the retailer or manufacturer to see if they have any online complaints about shattering table tops. If so, you may want to consider another.

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