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Fried Chicken


Ingredients    Quantity    Prep
Chicken     9 LBS     Meat Pulled to Specs
Scallion    1 C    Chopped
Onion    1 C    Chopped
Tomato    1 C    Chopped
Thyme    ¼ C    
Salt    3 T    
Black Pepper    2 T    Finely Ground
Rum     ¼ C    
Garlic    2 T C    Minced
Pickapeppa    3 T    
Pimento    2 T    Finely Ground
1.    Marinade Chicken with all above ingredients for minimum 3 hours.
Eggs    3 Each    Beaten
Molasses    3 T    
AP Flour    4 C    
Salt    3 T    
Black Pepper    1 T    Ground
Pimento    1 T    Ground
Canola Oil    3 C    
2.    Marinade Chicken before proceeding! (SEE ABOVE)
3.    Beat Eggs with Molasses and set aside.
4.    Combine AP Flour, Salt, Black Pepper & Pimento. 
5.    Scrape off all vegetables from chicken. Reserve any liquid and vegetables for gravy.
6.    Dredge each drum stick into egg wash then toss in AP Flour mixture. 
7.    Lay onto sheet pan lined with parchment paper.
8.    In a large sauté pan, add 3 Cups Canola oil. Bring to 275 degrees. 
9.    Place chicken into heated oil. Do not crowd the pot.  Cover. Time for 2 minutes. Take the cover off. Make sure your oil is still at 275 degrees.
10.     Rotate chicken at 2 minutes each side. 
11.     Rotate 5 times total, including head of drumstick, thigh, etc.
12.    Temp each piece of chicken to 175 degrees 

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