Gilbert mom makes her own scorpion suckers

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Homemade scorpion lollipops (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5) Homemade scorpion lollipops (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5)
Kari Watts (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5) Kari Watts (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5)
Scorpion Sucker (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5) Scorpion Sucker (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5)

Kari Watts, a Gilbert mom, happens to have found the trick to get rid of her scorpion problem, scorpion lollipops.

The inspiration for the new recipe came from a trip to the grocery store.

Watts saw the suckers were on sale for $5 a piece but she knew she could make the same treats for just 10 cents a pop.

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The Gilbert mom and her children took on the challenge heading out to the backyard with their black lights.

In one night, they found and caught 15 scorpions.

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The next day, Watts cut off the stingers of the crawlers and let them crawl around, still alive, on the kids.

The hardest part was finding a good scorpion sucker recipe. She claimed she could not find a good one so had to create her own. Watts used her mother’s old lollipop recipe but the scorpion add-in was all trial and error.

Watts explains the perfect way to kill the little guys: Put them in the microwave. After they have died with stingers off the scorpions are put into the oven to be baked dry before getting dropped in the lollipop molds.

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No, eating these pops is not technically safe, Watts explains, but she always cautions anyone willing to try, "Eat at your own risk."

One disclaimer, you might end up eating a scorpion! The kids love the experience and the suckers. Watt’s daughter says that not to worry, they add a certain nuttiness to the sweet treat.

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Watts and her family are planning on continuing to make more batches of the scorpion pops.

Instead of selling, she plans to give them away making them the ideal Arizona gift.

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