Police arrest 16-year-old after threatening woman in alleged home invasion

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A Mesa woman says a man with an ax smashed through her door. (3 July 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5] A Mesa woman says a man with an ax smashed through her door. (3 July 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5]

Mesa police have arrested a teenager for a terrifying home invasion where he threatened a homeowner with an ax.

Mesa Police spokesman Det Nik Rasheta said the juvenile suspect was identified from surveillance video of the incident that happened Sunday shortly after 5 p.m. He was located and arrested Thursday.

At the time of the incident, the homeowner, Erika Grijalva, was sleeping when the door bell rang twice. Surveillance video clearly shows the face of the man who desperately wants into Grijalva's home.

She didn't answer. But then in just a few seconds, Grijalva is shocked awake after hearing her sliding door shatter, and a man calling out if anyone is home.

Fearing for her life, Grijalva runs and hides in her bathroom. "I tell him, 'I am on the phone with the cops, you need to leave,'" and an ax starts coming through and starts breaking down my door," Grijalva said.

The suspect smashes through making a hole where Grijalva is now face to face with her attacker. "All I thought was, this is going to hurt when he starts hitting me with the ax." 

He demands cash and other valuables. Grijalva decides to leave the bathroom and give him her laptop and a tablet. During all this, he is still carrying the ax. 

As the suspect is leaving, he turns and tells her something strange. "He says, 'I'll pay for all of this.. it's OK.. I'll pay for all of this,'" Grijalva said.

The man is being charged with kidnapping, 1st degree burglary, armed robbery, and two counts of 3rd degree burglary, said Rasheta. 

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