Red, White & Boom cancellation all too real with dark skies over Ahwatukee

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Ahwatukee's Red, White, & Boom fireworks show is cancelled. (3 July 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5] Ahwatukee's Red, White, & Boom fireworks show is cancelled. (3 July 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5]

Each year it's the show that essentially kicks off America's birthday celebration in the Valley, Ahwatukee's Red, White & Boom pre-fourth fireworks.

The family tradition, four decades strong has fizzled.

"It's a bit of a bummer that they're not doing it this year because me and my family have gone pretty much every year," said 12-year-old Ahwatukee resident Payton Thomas.

The Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce is canceling what would have been the 42nd annual event, citing the cost as the primary reason.

"I'm disappointed, but ya know, funding is funding, they didn't have the funding for it," Ahwatukee resident Craig Deming said.

Deming says he's taken his kids every year since they were little.

"They're 16 now, so this will be the first year since they've been born that they're not going to have it," said Deming.

With no local display this year, we found several people hitting up fireworks tents in search of some colorful options to take home.

"No Red, White & Boom, gotta make my own," Deming said.

"It is a bummer and, like I said, we wouldn't be here if we were going there," said Ahwatukee resident Alanna Timmons.

For Timmons the show going dark this year reflects a larger, more concerning trend she's noticed.

"That's one of the beautiful things about Ahwatukee, to have all of those different community things and we're losing a little bit of that, so I think that's kind of sad," she said.

It is unclear if this is a one-time cost conundrum or if Red, White & Boom is done for good.

Show faithful certainly hope to see it reignited in the future, allowing the colorful and delightful tradition to continue.

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