10 tips to stay healthy and fit on your summer vacation

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So you've spent a ton of money planning a fabulous summer vacation. The last thing you want is to do is get sick and be laid up in the hotel room - or worse, a hospital.

Traveling can increase your chances of getting sick. A long flight can increase your risk for deep vein thrombosis. Once you arrive, it takes time to adjust to the water, food, and air in another place. Water in developing countries can contain viruses, bacteria, and parasites that cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

While you can't live in an anti-bacterial bubble, there are ways to stay healthy and fit while traveling, without shortchanging yourself on any adventures. 

Here's a checklist of 10 things you can do to help you have a healthy, happy holiday.

1. Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to keep yourself hydrated. 

Not only does dehydration make you tired and foggy in the brain, but the feeling of being thirsty is so often confused with the feeling of hunger and, therefore, leads to overeating and snacking.

Drinking water and clear fluids can also help you avoid the dreaded diarrhea - the top illness for travelers.

Another way to stay hydrated by avoiding too much alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages. 

2. Stay active

The beautiful thing about vacation is that movement is embedded into your life.

Whether it’s walking through streets, swimming in the ocean, or dancing in a bar, your body is moving regularly throughout the day.

Take a walk on the beach. Try some beach yoga or water aerobics. Plan family activities around fitness.

On that note... be sneaky and trick yourself into working out on vacay. If you pack workout clothes and have to look at them every day, you might be more inclined to work up a sweat.

3.  Catch up on sleep

Vacation can be a great time for you to refocus your energy on sleep! Don’t feel guilty about it, embrace it. Choose to go to sleep early and rise early if you are looking to fill your days with activities, or allow yourself the luxury of sleeping in if you have got some wild nights ahead of you.

Naps are always encouraged. It’s vacation. You deserve it

 4. Stay healthy while in transit

The dirtiest part of the plane is your tray. Use disinfectant, like wipes, on your tray table before touching it, and also use wipes on the armrests. And of course, always use hand sanitizer. Wash your hands. A lot!

5. Make sure to bring your meds

Bring the most common medications that you might need. For instance, like Tylenol or Advil, you should always have that with you, and a motion-sickness pill, especially if you're doing a lot of seafaring activity that might make you sick.

There should be two sets of medication, because if you put everything in your carry-on or your checked bag, you could lose your medication if you lose your luggage. Divide your medications and put half and half [in each bag].

You can also bring salve for bug bites and sunburn remedies.

6. Pack snacks 

Whether your destination is a short car ride or a long flight, having a stockpile of healthy, non-perishable snacks on hand can be the difference between expensive, processed airport (or gas station) food and a fresh alternative.

Most hotels only offer continental breakfasts with highly-processed foods (like cereal and pastries) and having better alternatives on hand saves time in the mornings and keeps us from feeling terrible.Apples

Some suggestions are bananas, trail mix, energy bars and various types of almond butter, pecan butter and coconut butter for serving with fresh fruit

7. Bring your own breakfast.

Save your calories for lunch or dinner, and skip those 1,000-calorie breakfasts of pancakes, bacon and French toast. You can even bring along some cereal bars, apples, dried fruit or instant unsweetened oatmeal, just in case dried cereal isn't a morning option where you're staying.

8. Plug in to stay on track.

Fitness websites and mobile apps make it easy to work out at another house or hotel, even if you don't have the equipment.

MyFitnessPal, which is available free online and for download to iPhones and Androids, lets you track your daily exercise and nutrition and determine how many calories you're burning. Comprehensive programs like Adidas miCoach allow you to tap into your personalized workouts and coaching instructions, or you can easily plan out a running path in your area via MapMyFitness.com.

9, Watch out during cocktail hour

That pina colada contains more calories than a Big Mac, so swap cream-based cocktails for a cool Martini instead.

If you do plan a boozy night out, eat plenty of protein first and try to alternate glasses of alcohol with water. A couple of glasses of red wine is the best option. Cava has been found to be good for blood sugar management - it releases its sugar slowly into the body. Cocktails are the worst due to all the sweet mixers and sugar in them.

10. Finally, SPLURGE....  but only when and where it’s worth it.

We're not going to say to stay away from all pasta and stick to nothing but salads, but we are going to advise you to choose wisely.

When it’s just any old meal, use this opportunity to get in some fresh fruits and vegetables.

So, if you really want an ice cream, a dessert or a cocktail, then enjoy it rather than feeling you’re giving in. But make allowances for it when ­choosing your next meal, snack or drink, so you’re still in control.

 Have fun, safe travels and Bon Voyage!

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