Monthly mailing about water line protection is no scam

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Phoenix residents have been getting a specific offer letter in the mail regarding their water line for years but it continues to create some confusion.

The City of Phoenix has been partnering for several years with a Pennsylvania-based company called Service Line Warranties of America. Phoenix residents get consistent information about the protection and the relationship, but some want more clarification.

"Oh, this again," John Saari said.

Every month like clockwork, Saari says he gets a certain offer letter in the mail. It looks like it comes from the City of Phoenix but it actually comes from somebody else.

"Is this a legitimate offer and how do they use the City of Phoenix logo?" Saari wondered.

It is legitimate and the logo use is approved. The mailing details a partnership between the City of Phoenix and Service Line Warranties of America.

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"If you discover a problem with the water line in your yard, who would you call?" Saari read from the offer letter.

Homeowners are responsible for the water line that runs from the street to their houses, not the City of Phoenix. If the line gets damaged, the optional coverage pays for repairs. The protection only costs $4.50 a month, but Saari says he will still pass.

"And it's maybe $5 here, and $10 there, and maybe $100 there and it all adds up," Saari said.

Contracting experts say the risk of damage to your water line is low. One concern could be tree roots wrapping around it.

"I didn't think about where the line was when I put the tree in. I'm glad I didn't put it right on top of the line," Saari said.

The City of Phoenix says the protection has saved homeowners $650,000 in repair bills and the paid partnership has generated $700,000 for Phoenix City services. Again, the program is completely optional.

APS offers similar protection. For $8 month, the utility offers coverage through a third party called HomeServe that protects the wiring inside your walls and certain exterior components like your meter box.

The risk of damage is low, but it definitely can, and does, occur, so you may want the protection for peace of mind.

From the City of Phoenix website

"The city is participating in the National League of Cities Service Line Protection Program, provided by? business partner Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA). SLWA offers residents optional sewer and water line warranties, covering sewer lines from the private property line to the connection to the home and water lines from the meter to the connection to the home."

[YouTube from PHX-TV: Phoenix Service Line Protection Partnership Program with Service Line Warranties of America]

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