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Lash 101

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Lash 101!!!!

Prior To Lash Application: Your makeup should be
complete, with mascara applied & lashes curled if needed. !
Lash Preparation: Lashes are not one size fits all! You
may need to trim the lash if it extends past your natural
lash line. To measure the lash; remove from the packaging
and hold the false lash up to your eye. If the lash is too
long, trim the outer corner of the false lash using a small
pair of scissors. !
Adhesive: Duo brand adhesive works like a charm! It
comes in clear, or dark tone. Dark tone is amazing
because it dries black, which makes it appear to be
eyeliner. It disguises the band of the false lashes making
the lashes undetectable. When you apply the adhesive,
use sparingly. Too much glue can ruin your false lashes
and make it more difficult to apply. Once you apply the
adhesive; wait about 30 seconds or until the glue becomes
“tacky”. !
Get Comfortable: Do yourself a huge favor, and keep
both eyes open during the application of your lashes. Also,
be in a comfortable position when applying them! Most
ladies try to apply their false eyelashes in the bathroom;
while leaning over the sink looking into the medicine
cabinet mirror. By doing that, your balance is off.
Moreover, you're most likely closing one eye or “squinting”
which makes applying false lashes a nearly impossible
task. Try sitting down at the kitchen table, or vanity. Place
a small hand held mirror flat on the table. With your eyes
only, (do not lower your head) look down into the mirror.
By doing this, you can apply your lashes with both eyes
open, no need to squint or lean awkwardly over a
bathroom sink. !
Application: Now that you're in the correct position to
apply your lashes, it’s time to put them on! Grab a pair of
tweezers; use the tweezers to hold the inside corner of the
lashes, and your fingers to hold the outer portion of the
false eyelashes. Place the lashes onto your eye, closest to
the lash line from outer to inner corner. The glue should
have been tacky, not dry prior to the application. Once
applied, use your finger to gently press the lashes onto the
lid to assure they're set. !
Lash Options: It’s easy to become overwhelmed with
false lashes and the many options available to you. Keep
it simple and reliable! Ardell brand lashes are classic and
quality for the price. You can reuse them up to 10 times
depending on how gentle you are with them. If you want to
start off more natural, try “Demi Wispies”, if you want
something slightly longer and fuller, go for the traditional
“Wispies”. Both can be found at any drug store in the
cosmetics aisle, along with the Duo adhesive. !