Phoenix woman gives birth during Spirit Airlines flight

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A Phoenix mother gave birth to a baby boy while on a Spirit flight on Monday.

Cristina Penton was flying with her two kids from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to a connecting flight in Dallas on Monday when her water broke during the flight. 

She said that it wasn't until 10 to 15 minutes into the flight when she realized something wasn't right.

Penton started having contractions during the flight and when they became regular, she knew that the baby was going to be born on the plane.

After Penton's water broke, the baby was out in 10 minutes.

"There was no time to prepare or land or do anything," she said. "He did what he wanted. We were just all along for the ride I think." 

Penton says that the baby was four weeks early but is healthy and doing well.

She also says that there were no complications with the pregnancy and her other two children came on time which is what she expected this time too.

Penton had her 11- and 12-year-old children were next to her while she was in labor.

Four Spirit flight attendants were on board and provided the medical equipment they had on board to assist her in her delivery.

"All of our flight attendants are trained to handle medical emergencies in flight. As a matter of fact, any time there is a medical emergency, they can even talk to doctors on the ground who advise them on the steps to take," said a Spirit representative. "But no flight attendant comes to work expecting to deliver a baby."

On board were also a nurse and pediatrician who assisted her during the entire delivery. 

"I notified the flight attendant right from the beginning. So they were able to talk to the doctors on the ground," said Penton. "Then they had people volunteering, helping me. A pediatrician was there and a nurse. They were very sweet and trying to take care of me as good as they can considering the circumstances."

The plane ended up making an emergency landing in New Orleans and the woman was rushed to Ochsner Medical Center in Kenner, LA when they landed.

The baby's name is Christoph Carsten Lezcano and even though he was born during flight, Louisiana will be listed as his birthplace on his birth certificate.

Penton's husband is coming to Louisiana to drive the two kids, Cristina Penton and their newborn son back to Phoenix.

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