Queen of Clean: Uses for Liquid Softener

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Remove Soap Scum From Showers:
Combine 2 parts liquid fabric softener and 3 parts water. Spray on, let sit 5 minute or so and then spray a scrubbing sponge and clean.  Rinse and dry.  If you have a difficult area, you can apply it undiluted.

Remove Hairspray Residue:
Dried-on over-spray from hairspray can be tough to remove from walls and vanities, but even a buildup of residue is no match for a solution of 1 part liquid fabric softener to 2 parts water. Pour into a spray bottle, spray the surface, let sit for a minute or so and polish it with a dry cloth.

Clean Glass and Hard Surfaces:
Clean glass tables and other hard surfaces, and repel dust with liquid fabric softener. Mix 1 part softener into 4 parts water and store in a spray bottle. Spray lightly on a microfiber cloth and wipe and buff.

Remove Burned on Food:
Soak burned-on foods from casseroles with liquid fabric softener. Fill the casserole with water, add a squirt of liquid fabric softener, and soak for an hour, or until residue wipes easily away.

Keep Paintbrushes Pliable:
After using a paintbrush, clean the bristles thoroughly and rinse them in a coffee can full of water with a drop of liquid fabric softener mixed in. After rinsing, wipe the bristles dry and store the brush as usual.

Make Your Own Fabric Softener Sheets:
Fabric softener sheets are convenient to use, but they're no bargain when compared to the price of liquid softeners. You can make your own dryer sheets and save money. Just spray an old wash-cloth with liquid softener and toss it into the dryer with your next load.

Remove Faucet Soap Scum:
Gently rub full strength fabric softener with a damp cloth onto faucets and other chrome fixtures. Allow to dry, and then remove with a clean wet cloth.