Arizona native attempts to skate world record distance

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Jake Freed in the early stages of his journey just outside Gold Canyon (Source: Freed's gofundme page made by Courtney Rudloff) Jake Freed in the early stages of his journey just outside Gold Canyon (Source: Freed's gofundme page made by Courtney Rudloff)

Arizona native Jake Freed wants to be a record-breaker, with plans to break the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled on a board. That record belongs to Rob Thompson, who rode 7,555 miles in 2008.

According to his blog, Freed’s goal is to break the world record by riding his longboard from Mesa to Key West, Florida, up to Ohio and back across, totaling 8,500 miles. This wouldn’t be his first lengthy excursion on his board, as he rode 2,700 miles from Mesa to Washington D.C. in 2013.

Freed left Mesa on May 6, and is currently stopped in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. As of June 22, he has traveled 1,463 miles, with just under 6,000 miles remaining.

Right now the weather in Fort Walton Beach hasn’t been ideal, with Freed saying in an Instagram video that he was hit with some of the rain of Tropical Storm Cindy. In his most recent Instagram update, Freed said his phone got a tornado warning update, and it appears he’s been waiting out the storm in his hotel.

But Freed has already experienced worse in his journey. On May 18, just after he had cruised through Roswell, New Mexico, he took a gnarly tumble.

On his blog, he said his wheels hit a sandy area that threw him 20 feet off his board. His phone flew from his pocket and he skidded across the pavement. The phone was fine and he didn’t suffer any broken bones, he was a “bloody mess”. He waived someone down and got a ride back to Roswell, recovered there for a few days, then went on his way.

Not every moment of his trip is that dramatic, but Freed has encountered some trouble when he comes across stretches or road where the shoulder is slim or non-existent.

The day-to-day grind of the trek can take a major toll as well, with Freed averaging 50 miles per day over the timespan of 12 to 14 hours.

He is also required by the Guinness World Records to record a two-minute video every hour and a 10-minute video every 24 hours. Additionally, it’s necessary for him to provide photographic evidence of landmarks, documentation of receipts and witness signatures, a daily logbook, calculations of miles traveled, and a log of overnight stops and rest breaks. That’s a huge mental strain to go along with the obvious physical difficulties.

You can donate to his journey online. And while his trips in the past were completed alone, this time he might need a lead-car, or possibly meeting up with his girlfriend Courtney somewhere on the road.

If you’re ever driving around the country and see a someone riding a longboard with a neon green vest with FOLLOWFREED.COM written on the back, that’s Jake riding toward his dream.  

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