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Squeaky the Guinea Pig visits GMAZ Squeaky the Guinea Pig visits GMAZ

The Wildlife World Zoo: you can see Guinea pigs at the zoo 

You probably would never think of seeing Guinea pigs at the zoo, but you can at Wildlife World Zoo.  They are domestic, a species of rodent, and one of the most popular pets in the UK and America. We learn all about them this morning, and why they're on exhibit at Wildlife World Zoo.

Guinea Pig Facts:

  • Guinea pigs originally come from the Andes mountains in South America
  • The Incas domesticated Guinea pigs more than 3,000 years ago. 
  • The domestic guinea pig plays an important role in the folk culture of many Indigenous South American groups, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and in community religious ceremonies.
  • They bred them as pets and for food and offered them as sacrifices to their gods.
  • They are not actually pigs, they are rodents
  • Another name for a guinea pig is a Cavy
  • Guinea pigs are around 8 to10 inches
  • When it comes to diet, they are herbivores and they mainly live on grass 
  • They make lots of different noises when they want to express themselves. This includes squealing, chirping, rumbling, purring and chirping
  • They are very social animals and they are much happier when kept in pairs or groups
  • A female guinea pig is called a "sow" and the males are referred to as "boars"
  • Baby guinea pigs are called "pups"
  • "Pups" are born with fur and their eyes open
  • Their teeth continue growing throughout their lives which is why it's important for them to constantly gnaw on the things they like to eat so they wear their teeth down 
  • A group of guinea pigs is called a herd
  • Baby guinea pigs (pups) are able to run when they are only a few hours old
  • They typically live an average of four to five years, but may live as long as eight years
  • When excited, guinea pigs may repeatedly perform little hops in the air known as "popcorning. 
  • They are also very good swimmers.

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

Do you have what it takes to join the Paw Patrol? 

Paw Patrol tryouts will be held Sunday, June 25th with check in beginning at 8: 30 am for the Arizona Coyotes. Do you have what it takes? We join some of the gals on the ice at the Ice Den, where tryouts will be held, to find out what it takes to join this elite ice squad. 

For more information, visit: and Facebook: and Twitter/Instagram: @yotespawpatrol 


Ice Den-Scottsdale 
9375 E Bell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Bell & 101 

Beat the heat at the Ice Den: Turns ice rink into turf arena

During the hot summer months when hockey and skating programs are down, but the temperatures are up, the Ice Den Scottsdale converts one of its rinks from ice into an indoor turf arena. It's for their summer camp program for kids, which goes through August 4th, where camp goers learn lacrosse, soccer and flag football. Throughout the summer, you'll also find open freestyle skating going on, along with youth hockey camps. 

For more information. visit:

Ice Den-Scottsdale 
9375 E Bell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Bell & 101
Phone: (480) 585-RINK 

Dogs eat free at Einstein Bagels for "Take Your Pet to Work Week"

Pet parents know the struggle of leaving their four-legged friend behind as they leave for work, cue National Take Your Pet to Work Week. To help celebrate the week, Einstein Bros. Bagels is rolling out "Dogs Eat Free", offering free doggie bagels from June 19-23 so pets can enjoy all aspects of office life, especially the treat of morning bagels. The "Dogs Eat Free" offer will then continue every Tuesday thereafter, throughout the summer. 

For more information, visit:

As part of the Dogs Eat Free offer, Einstein Bros® Bagels is also encouraging guests to share pictures of themselves with their dogs enjoying bagels on their social media channels by using the hashtag #BarkForBagels. Guests will need to visit to print a copy of the coupon or simply show it on their mobile device at the register to qualify for the Dogs Eat Free offer.  FDA guidelines limiting non-service dogs to restaurant patios remain in effect.
For additional information on Einstein Bros® Bagels or to find a restaurant near you, please visit, or follow Einstein Bros. Bagels on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Keep cool with Cryotherapy

As we head into excessively hot days, we're keeping it cool with a blast of Whole Body Cryotherapy. This cold therapy is all the rage in the recovery of muscle aches and pains, relief of stress, elevation of mood, energy, and it's even said to help in reversing the hands of time. Many people who enter the cold chamber believe in its anti-aging effects, and its alternative approach to health and wellness. We learn about all of this and more at Scottsdale's new US Cryotherapy location near Raintree and Northsight Blvd. 

US Cryotherapy Scottsdale is located at: 14747 N Northsight Blvd #108, Scottsdale AZ 85260    480-508-2796 Hours of operation, pricing, and other information can be found at:

Catch 76th Street at one of their many shows this summer 

Tickets just went on sale for 76TH STREET's first headline performance at Scottsdale's Center for the Arts on Friday, August 25th. You can also see them this weekend in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Folk Festival and the Pride in the Pines. 

For more information, visit:

Enjoy your vacay but keep your health goals

Christina Jordan, Master Nutritionist & Founder of Fit Body Weight Loss, says she wants you to enjoy your vacation! But you don't have to come back feeling guilty either. She shows us a healthy "mock-tail", lettuce wrapped club sandwich and crunchy parsnip chips with hummus. 

Enjoy your vacation but don't lose sight of your health goals!
1) Plan for a treat meal, not a treat day. This means YES you can have that delicious slice of pizza with the family, but skip the doughnuts, milkshake, fries and handfuls of greasy chips. By focusing you’re eating on healthy 80% of the time your vacation, you give your body the nutrition it needs to feed metabolic hormones. This means you can splurge a little once a week while vacationing. (*This also is a great tip for home as well.)

2) Eating protein and healthy complex carbs, like fruit and veggies, with every meal will help lower stabilize your insulin levels and keep you from packing on the extra vaca-pounds. I've used this even while on an all-you-can-eat cruise and still came home at my healthy weight. 

3) Relax! Vacation is all about relaxation, de-stressing and enjoying life. This will actually lower stress hormones, such as cortisol, and allow your body to burn stored body fat in your midsection. Not to mention it lowers adrenaline levels which makes you a much happier, relaxed and emotionally stable person. This is a WIN for everyone! 

For more information on Fit Body Weight Loss, visit:

Fit Body Weight Loss
4140 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 101
Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: 1-844-537-2408

Local Love: Lafayette Ceramics

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics is a Tempe, AZ based production
studio owned and operated by Jillian Schimmel. Their focus is on
making functional, modern, ceramic kitchen and dinner ware
designed for everyday use in the home.

For more information, visit: and Facebook:

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics.
941 South Park Lane, Tempe AZ 85281
Phone: 267-481-0614

Princess Summer Splash

It's officially summer in the Valley of the Sun! With these temperatures, why not cool off and have some fun while you're doing it!

The Princess is celebrating its 30th birthday, weekends all summer long and the gifts are for you!

Now through Labor Day, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is celebrating the past 30 years and the next with its Summer Splash Birthday Bash, a cool mix of throw-back, decade-themed pool parties, combined with all-new experiences, making this the play-cation destination for families. 

Pools are the place to be and this AAA Five Diamond resort has six, from it largest and newest - Sunset Beach - with 830 tons of white sand, to the 200-foot twisting waterslides at Sonoran Splash.  The Princess was the first Valley resort to offer Dive In movies and 30 years later, this favorite family tradition continues. 

The resort then takes fun into the future with Techno Glo pool parties, with fog, lasers, DJ Splash, new interactive TechnoBots, Beta and Blast, and "virtual vacation" adventure rides. During the day, swimming with a mermaid is a must-do at Mermaid University for ages 7-12 and at the new Mermaids & Mai Tais class for grown-ups. The new Funergy Team entertains with high-energy poolside games, while two other pools are more relaxing for adults. 

At the lagoons, nature walks and fishing are fun with Ranger Rick, who introduces families to flora, fauna and Fairmont friends including Cecil the desert tortoise. At check-in, families should be sure to meet Bixby and Gibbs, the resort's loving canine ambassadors and kids also receive a gift from the birthday box at the kid's check-in desk.

Fireworks light up every Saturday night with extended shows on holiday weekends.  4th of July and Labor Day are festivals of fun with entertainment and events.

The Deals!!  Enjoying a AAA Diamond hotel at a fraction of peak season rates, not far from your own backyard. The Summer Splash Birthday Bash Package starts from $169 per night with a $50 daily credit, now September 4, 2017. Overnight stays with the resort fee of $30 also includes complimentary half-day admission to the Trailblazers Kids Club. Guests can also celebrate the Princess' birthday with $30 upgrades per room category and $30 special value offers at Bourbon Steak, La Hacienda, Toro, Well & Being Spa and for room upgrades.

For more information, visit:

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
7575 East Princess Drive, Scottsdale
Phone: 480-585-4848