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Today is Garden Free Day at Desert Botanical Garden 

Looking for something to do with the kids today, for free? Phoenix may be gearing up for another hot Arizona summer, but Desert Botanical Garden is helping you explore the beauty of the desert in this iconic attraction with tips and offerings to keep you cool and safe even during the hottest months. Head over to the Desert Botanical Garden for free admission from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Six Tips to Enjoy Desert Botanical Garden this Summer
1. In a Different Light Garden hours are extended May through September from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to make the most of the cooler times of the day. Come first thing in the morning as the wildlife is waking up or explore the Garden during the "golden hour" of sunset. 
2. Early Bird Gets the Worm Avoid the heat of the day and join expert birders along the Garden trails at 7 a.m. to explore the doves, owls, roadrunners and more that call the Garden home. 

3. Garden After Dark Experience Flashlight Tours Thursdays and Saturdays May 24 through Sept. 2 to see how desert nights shimmer. Flashlight Tours are sensory adventures to see, hear and feel how our desert nights shimmer. Guests beam their own flashlights along the self-paced trails to capture the night-blooming plants and animals that chirp, whirr and whisper in the desert after dark.
4. Dress for Less Distress Plan to dress accordingly while in the Garden. Wear loose-fitting and light-colored cloths, and cover as much of your skin as you can to ward off direct sun exposure. Bring a wide-brimmed hat and avoid darker fabrics that retain heat. 
5. Hydration is Key Make sure to bring your reusable water bottle when visiting and fill up your bottles at any of our refill stations throughout the Garden. Don't worry if you forgot your water bottle, because the Garden sell reusable bottles in the Garden Shop and vending machines are located throughout the Garden. 
6. Duck out in the Shade the Garden has shade throughout the trails. Step under the canopy of a lush mesquite tree or duck under cover with a meal at Gertrude's to enjoy delicious food and air conditioning. 
To learn more about Desert Botanical Garden's summer classes, events and other offerings, visit www.dbg.org
or call (480) 941-1225

Celebrate Father's Day with a Free Flashlight Tour at Desert Botanical Garden  

Calling all Dads! Head to Desert Botanical Garden to celebrate Father's Day the evening prior with a free admission to Flashlight Tours with a paid child admission.  Explore Flashlight Tours to see, hear and feel how desert nights come to life after dark. 

Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ  85008
Saturday, June 17, 2017
COST: Dads FREE with paid child admission  

  •     Adults $24.95
  •     Children $12.95 (3-17) 
  •     Garden members and children 3 years and younger are admitted free.     

For more information, visit:  www.dbg.org or call (480)941-1225

Online dating across the Valley

Looking for a young professional, artsy type or gym rat? Phoenix Magazine's associate editor Lauren Loftus shows us a hyper-local approach to dating on apps like Tinder and Bumble. Look for the full article in www.PhoenixMag.com.

Old Town Scottsdale

  • Within 5 miles of: Scottsdale Fashion Square
  • Look here for: White collar dudes who moonlight as gym rats, shirtless selfies, clever pickup lines.
  • The good: More career-driven than other parts of the Valley; many list job title and place of employment immediately after their name.
  • The bad: Too many users leave off bio information completely, skirting by on looks alone. No one's that cute.
  • First date: Cartel Coffee (7124 E. Fifth Ave., Scottsdale, cartelcoffeelab.com)
  • Second date: Swing away at Topgolf (9500 E. Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, topgolf.com)

Downtown Phoenix

  • Within 5 miles of: Roosevelt Row
  • Look here for: Young professionals, artist types and Arizona transplants. Bearded band members on one hand, lawyers, grad students and medical professionals on the other.
  • The good: The most diverse group of profiles reside in DTPHX you’ve escaped the 'burbs.
  • The bad: A lot of users "aren't looking for anything serious"; one guy, no joke, was looking for "business opportunities” a direct quote.
  • First date: Lux Central (4400 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, luxcoffee.com)
  • Second date: Use that art history degree at First Friday art walk (artlinkphoenix.com/first-Fridays)

East Valley

  • Within 5 miles of: Heritage Marketplace in Gilbert
  • Look here for: Slightly older, more established bachelors, possibly with children from previous relationships, techies and/or gun enthusiasts and hiking addicts.
  • The good: Many users are looking for something long-term and say so in their profiles.
  • The bad: Several freshly split divorcés only looking for "FUN" are par for the course.
  • First date: Postino Wine Café East (302 N. Gilbert Rd. #102, Gilbert, postinowinecafe.com
  • Second date: Namaste together at goat yoga (azgoatyoga.com)

West Valley

  • Within 5 miles of: Glendale historic district
  • Look here for: Outdoorsy types, athletes, pickup truck owners, people who have likely been to Country Thunder more than once.
  • The good: Adventurers and explorers galore (i.e. photos of snowboarding, camping, jet skiing, rappelling, etc.).
  • The bad: See above. If your idea of a vacation is more pool lounging than hiking Havasupai, look elsewhere.
  • First date: Papa Ed's Ice Cream (7146 N. 58th Ave., Glendale, http://www.papaedsicecream.com/)
  • Second date: Tour Cerreta Candy Company (5345 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, cerreta.com)

Three artists beautifying the Valley through murals   

The area near 32nd Street and Oak will look a little brighter than usual, as three artists beautify this location and others through colorful murals. It's all a part of SRP's "Power is All Yours" community beautification and empowerment project. They should finish a series of three different paintings by tomorrow morning, but this morning on GMAZ, we get a sneak-peak of the artwork and how much Artist Ignacio Garcia has completed so far.    
2316 N. 32nd Street 
The building he's painting is located on the northwest corner of 32nd street and Oak in Phoenix

To learn more about Ignacio Garcia and his murals visit his website: www.artebyignacio.com

Picking the best summer produce 

How do you pick the freshest produce? What do you need to look for? Kylee Cruz is at Bashas' with the answer!

Covering some top seasonal produce how-to pick! 

  •     vibrant color is KEY!
  •     Plumpness
  •     Limit the white shoulders on strawberries

Stone Fruit

  •     Vibrant color is KEY! Shaded areas are OK but stay away from green.
  •     Gentle squeeze where the stem would have been
  •     Think about what you're using them for and WHEN!

Corn on the Cob

  •     Color & moisture are key!
  •     Tassels should be brown and sticky to the touch. MOISTURE is good here! 
  •     Bright green color of the husk is KEY, husks are tight against the corn and damp
  •     A lot of people are tempted to pull back the husk
  •     Feel the kernels through the husk (should be plump, if you feel holes, grab a different one)


  •     Find the field spot (where the watermelon was on the ground), should be a creamy yellowish color. The darker the spot, the longer it was ripening on the vine. If there isn't a spot or its white, put it back.
  •     Give it a thump! A deep hollow sound is what you're looking for. 
  •     Surface should be pretty hard.
  •     Heavy for its size

How to make your produce last 

After picking the best produce at the grocery store, how do you keep it from getting brown? Kylee Cruz is at Bashas' to show us how to make our produce last long! 
1.    Berries
a. Blueberries are the sturdiest and easy to keep

  •   Put in a colander and rinse under cold water for a few minutes (some people also soak with water & vinegar)
  •   Lay out paper towel and drop berries on the surface, roll around to dry
  •   clean the ventilated container and place paper towel in before placing DRY berries back in
  •   Replace paper towel if necessary

b.    Strawberries are very porous and much more delicate

  •    Rinse quickly
  •    Lay on paper towel
  •    Once dry place back in their washed & dried container with paper towel inside
  •    Leave greenery on (unless they're going to the freezer)

c.    Raspberries are the most sensitive off the 3

  •     Take out of the carton
  •     Discard any leaves, etc.
  •     Clean carton 

2.    Leafy Greens

  •     Wash the individual leaves, pat dry and then place in a container with paper towel
  •     You can use a container or a gallon bag

3.    Stone Fruit

  •     Leave at room temperature to ripen
  •     Once ripened put in the fridge for 1-2 extra days of life
  •     TIP is to store the ripest fruit closest to the front of the fridge so you know when to eat them

4.    Corn

  •     Best way to keep it fresh the longest is in the husk
  •     Place in a paper bag in the fridge
  •     Will last for a few days

5.    Watermelon

  •     Room temperature uncut for up to two weeks
  •     Once cut it will go fast because of the high-water content
  •     Wrap in plastic wrap & put in the fridge

Natural and effective remedies to survive Monsoon headaches

Monsoon season is right around the corner, about one week away, and with the sudden changes in atmospheric pressure; many people wind up suffering from weather triggered headaches. It's why you might get a headache when flying, hiking, or even travelling to a new elevation. Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Expert, Dr. Lamadrid is here with some natural and effective remedies to survive Monsoon headaches.

Natural Treatments to treat all types of headaches:

  •     Try using a humidifier and/or ionizer in your home or office. Getting used a little more humidity will assist you in dealing with sudden weather changes due to monsoon season.
  •     Cold Compress to shrink sinus membranes.
  •     Tiger balm or Peppermint oil rubbed onto the temples


  •     Try acupuncture: A recent study published in JAMA concluded that regular acupuncture could effectively treat headaches and prevent their occurrence.
  • Acupressure:
  •     An ancient Asian remedy for headaches was to pull on your ear lobes 50 times per day.
  •     Acupressure: Press the point on the hand in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Hold for 30 seconds.

Common Herbs and Spices:

  •     An Eastern remedy from Ayurvedic medicine recommends a foot bath with mustard powder. 
  •     Eat a small piece of ginger or make some ginger tea to prevent a migraine.
  •     Feverfew: Used on a regular basis, it helps to prevent migraines. Feverfew is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Note: Not for use in pregnancy.
  •     Skullcap encourages endorphin production and is used to treat arthritis, emotional trauma, tension headaches, insomnia and neuralgia.
  •     White Willow Bark contains salicin (one of the original compounds in aspirin) and is traditional used for arthritis, backache, headache and migraines.


  •     Magnesium: found in almonds and cashews
  •     Bromelain: found in pineapples
  •     Calcium: found in almonds, leafy greens, beans, cheese

For more information, visit: www.edlamadrid.com

Cinnamon roll pancakes for Dad!

You love cinnamon rolls, you love pancakes, but did you ever think of combining them into one sweet treat!? Original Breakfast House show us how to make their famous Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! Check out their special Father's Day menu at www.obhphx.com.

Also, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OBHPHX/

Original Breakfast House
13623 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ  85032

How to get noticed on dating apps

Relationship expert Heather Jones discusses how dating has changed over the years, how to get noticed on an app and what to do once you've landed that date. 

For more information, visit: www.heatherjones.com   

The best gifts for dads

Best Buy shows us the latest and greatest in tech, cookware and fun - for every kind of dad in your life! 

Tile Mate Tracker ($25)
Never lose your keys or wallet again with the Tile Mate tracker. Using Bluetooth compatibility, the small tile connects to your phone so you can find your lost items with the touch of a button.

LifeProof AQUAPHONICS speaker ($199) 
Take your tunes anywhere with this LifeProof AQUAPHONICS speaker. This floating water-resistant device is submersible in 1m of water for 30 minutes, and it deflects damage from snow, ice and dirt. Pair this LifeProof AQUAPHONICS speaker with up to eight Bluetooth devices, and use the included dry box for storing keys and cards.

Anova Precision Cooker ($149) 
Master sous vide cooking with this Anova precision cooker. The adjustable clamp ensures a secure fit on any of your existing pots, and the consistent digital temperature readout lets you monitor the entire process. This Anova precision cooker works with the Anova application so you can start making your meal from your phone.

Roku Streaming Stick ($49)
The streaming stick provides more than 2,500 channels on demand and features more than 300,000 movies and TV episodes. Roku Streaming Stick is portable; you can stream to different HDTVs in your home.

GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Action Camera ($399) 
This wearable, mountable camera makes it easy to capture the action from first-person perspective and shoots footage in stunning 4K video. And the color touch-screen LCD display gives you a clear view of the action you're recording or reviewing.

Summer Infant Babble Band Audio Baby Monitor ($49)
Keep tabs on your baby with this 800-foot-range Summer Infant Babble Band wearable audio monitor. Its soft wristband is adjustable for maximum comfort, and it has three monitoring modes for greater customization. Enjoy up to eight hours of use with the rechargeable battery of this Summer Infant Babble Band wearable audio monitor.

Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Maker ($199) 
Prepare perfect coffees every day with this Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker. It includes a device for making hot or cold foam so that you can enjoy cappuccinos, mochas and lattes, and an intelligent extraction system produces great espresso bases. This Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker holds up to 40 ounces of water to produce plenty of coffee throughout the day.

For more information, visit www.BestBuy.com

Brats and beers for Father's Day

Executive Chef Ryan Laufenburger shows us all the Father's Day specials at Brat Haus including the Das Brat - a foot-long bratwurst complete with homemade sauerkraut, relish and dijonaise mustard toppings. 

On Sunday, June 18 dads will be treated to the "Pig Mac" burger and any draft for $15, the "Das Brat" and any draft for $18 and dog dads get a doggie brat for free.

  • This Father's Day and every Sunday, patrons can enjoy "Stein Sundays" from 12 to 3 p.m. with bottomless steins or mimosas for $20. 
  • Brat Haus serves up a variety of artisan brats from sweet to spicy, along with other fan favorites like the Haus Poutine, Pig Mac Burger, cheese curds and more. 
  • The Euro-inspired eatery has become known for its lush beer garden ambiance, yard-style games like ping pong, corn hole and Giant Jenga and dog-friendly patio with community seating. Guests can enjoy an advanced misting system in the beer garden during the summer months. 
  • Brat Haus also boasts an extensive beer list featuring 28 craft beers on tap with rotating local and international brews. 

For more information, visit: www.brathausaz.com and Facebook: www.facebook.com/brathausaz/ 

Brat Haus 
3622 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 947-4006