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Breakfast Sandwich, Salmon Toast and Sweet Potato Hash


Courtesy: Chef Samantha Roberts, Farm & Craft 

Breakfast sandwich
Serves 1
One whole great wheat bun
2 fried eggs
2 strips of nitrate free bacon
Cheddar cheese
Half a sliced avocado

Toast the bun and fry your eggs in a sauté pan, melt cheese and place veganaise on toasted bun, then eggs with cheese, bacon and the sliced avocado.

Salmon toast
Serves 1
Sliced smoked salmon
Tzatziki (fat free Greek yogurt, shredded cucumber, salt and pepper, chives and lemon juice)
Baby tomatoes cut in half
Olive oil
Toasted wheat bread

Smear toasted bread with tzatziki, top with sliced smoked salmon. And then dress your baby tomato and watercress with salt and olive oils.  Sprinkle over top and then cut in half to serve.

Sweet potato hash
Serves 1
½ Cooked sweet potatoes
2 Egg whites
1 cup Shredded kale
½ cup Chicken sausage diced

Sauté chicken Apple sausage with kale and a little olive oil.  Add sweet potatoes and brown and then cook your egg whites into this hash.  Plate and finish with a sprinkle of your favorite herbs.