Family forced to leave home over fiberglass mattress cover

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A San Tan Valley mom says she has had to move her family out of their home after a damaged mattress cover spread fiberglass throughout the house and created a health concern for her children.

Nikki McKee says the mattress was a Spa Sensations memory foam model purchased at Walmart. McKee says she removed the zippable outer cover for washing and her kids slept and played on the inner fiberglass cover for about week. They also got it wet.

"And then eventually I noticed this tiny little hole and I didn't think anything of that either, no big deal, it's just a hole, my kids are still going to sleep on it," McKee said.

After replacing the outer cover, McKee says her kids had unexplained bouts of itching and coughing for months. After investigating with a blue light, McKee discovered their room had been transformed.

"These little slivers of glass everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean on the sheets, on the mattress, on the bedding, in their stuffed animals in the netting on the wall," McKee said.

McKee checked the inner cover again, she says the puncture had gotten bigger. She started finding flakes of fiberglass all over the house. She believes the fiberglass caused her kids' respiratory issues and says she has had to throw away almost everything. She's filed a claim with the manufacturer of the Spa Sensations mattress - Zinus.

"Get a restoration company here to help us, we are in it up to our eyes and it's, healthwise, not safe for us," McKee said.

She also wants her belongings replaced. McKee says the family has moved out and is buying another house. She's got a message for anyone with a fiberglass inner cover on their mattress.

"Obviously, don't get it wet, don't get any holes in it, if you have to wash the cover, put it back on immediately," McKee said.

Reps for Zinus told CBS 5 News, damage, not moisture, can cause the inner, fiberglass cover to break down.

Getting it wet could make it more susceptible to a puncture or other damage, so the International Sleep Products Association tells CBS 5 News that it's best not to remove the outer cover; spot cleaning it is best. If you do remove the outer cover to wash it, stay off the mattress until you replace it.

Zinus is currently working with the McKee family on a resolution to their loss claim.

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