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By: Amanda Goossen, Lifestyle Blogger,    

Best Books for Your Summer Beach Bag

This summer, pack your beach bag with the real page-turners of the season. 

The Good Widow
By Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
In their suspense debut, authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke present the story of love, loss and the investigation into whether or not we can ever really know the person who sleeps beside us. When Jacqueline (Jacks) Morales opens her front door to two police man one quiet afternoon, her world is rocked to its core. Jacks husband had been on a business trip in Kansas…but then why had he been killed in a car accident in Hawaii?

The Dollhouse
By Fiona Davis

A debut novel about 1950’s New York, this story is rich is history and layered with suspense. Set in the renowned Barbizon Hotel, readers are presented with the ambition, the drama and even the mystery that may have taken place in this unique hotel for women, which housed women who were unmarried and looking for a career in the big city. Told from the perspective of Darby McLaughlin, who has been brought to the Barbizon by her mother, to be a secretary, Darby finds herself placed on the “models floor” and completely out of place, both in the city and in her new home. Yet when Darby escapes her fears and begins to explore New York, with the Barbizon hotel maid, she finds her true self, as well as the dark side of the city. 

Die For You
By Amy Fellner Dominy

A must-read novel for mothers and their teenage daughters, Die For You is educational and important. 

When high school student Emma Lorde’s parents go through a rocky breakup and divorce, Emma feels responsible for her father, who is falling apart from heartache. Isolated into her role as caregiver, Emma is flattered and excited when the cute boy at her new school begins showing her attention. A whirlwind high school romance blooms and before she knows it, Dillon Hobbs becomes her entire life. 

When Dillion begins showing signs of jealousy and rage, Emma chalks it up to stress about high school graduation and her decision to study abroad after their senior year. When things take a turn for the worse, Emma suddenly finds herself alone, afraid and desperate to escape Dillion’s grasp. 

I Liked My Life
By Abby Fabiaschi

A heart wrenching yet heart-warming debut novel, I Liked My Life is a beautiful story of love, loss and family. 

By all appearances, Maddy is a devoted stay at home mom, who enjoys her life, her family and her role in the community. So when she suddenly commits suicide, no one is more surprised then her teenage daughter and husband. 

I Liked My Life unfolds as Maddy looks down from heaven on her family, trying to guide them into making the right decisions, trying to protect them and shield them from some of the massive pain they are experiencing. 

And as Maddy tries her best to be there for her family from above, we slowly discover why she took her life. 

A wonderful story about unconditional love, I Liked My Life is one of the best books of the past year. 

Mothers and Other Strangers
By Gina Sorell

Elsie and her mom had a complicated relationship, to say the least. Emotionally broken from years of heartache imposed on her from her selfish and unavailable mother, Elsie finally decides to cut herself off from the person who has let her down for over three decades. 

When her mom passes away from cancer, however, Elsie is forced to return home to clean out the space where she grew up. Filled with her mother’s secrets, Elise must unravel the mystery of who her mom truly was and why she’d been lying and hiding, her entire life. 

Plus, for the most avid readers in the area, you are welcome to attend the Arcadia Book Club, which meets monthly in the Arcadia area at the Saguaro Library. The Arcadia Book Club meets monthly with the author of the book they’re reading, whether in person or via Skype. To join, email …the schedule for the summer is below.

Book Club dates / Book of the Month

June 29: The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke 
July 20: Two Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
August 31: Mrs Saint and the Defectives by Julie Lawson Timmer

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