ASU grad student looks at science of Comicon

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A doctoral student at Arizona State University took part in three panels at Phoenix Comicon, taking a closer look at whether magical moments on the screen could be applied in real life. 

"Batman and Power Rangers and Harry Potter, I grew up watching and reading," said Alyssa Henning.

From the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the Polyjuice Potion in Harry Potter, the difference between fantasy and real-life science was studied more carefully at Comicon. 

Sunday afternoon, the ways of witches and wizards were under the microscope.

"Basically, the science of Harry Potter potions," she said. "Bottling fame and brewing glory."

The Harry Potter series features potions and brews to get someone to fall in love with you, change forms and even grow back bones.

"There's lots of really cool science behind some of those things in the stories," she said.

One of the topics discussed was whether 'Skelegro,' the potion which kicks off the painful process of regrowing bones in the wizarding world, could work in real life. 

"The answer is kind of sort of yes, for biology," she said."It doesn't work before the commercial break, it takes a lot longer to work."

She said each audience member walked away with a little more knowledge. 

"I love being able to dress up and talk to people that enjoy the same fandom that I do," she said.

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