Dance If You Want To: NFL Relaxes Celebration Rules

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The NFL has developed a reputation recently for being the "no fun league." A rule change is trying to change that perception. Celebration rules have been relaxed, allowing players to dance together and use the ball as a prop. 

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"I danced all the time when I scored touchdowns," says Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians. "I danced my ass off when I got one."

Arians' team felt the wrath of the strict NFL rules on celebrations. Linebacker Chandler Jones was fined more than $12,000 after a fumble recovery last season against the Patriots. The NFL said he choreographed a dance with a teammate.

"I hope it's true. I heard the rumors," says Jones. "You're sitting there and you're like, 'Let's celebrate' and we're all happy and making a play. You're bitter because you're wondering, 'Are we going to get fined for this?'"

Karlos Dansby will not longer have to do his signature celebration alone. The "Dirty Bird" will now be a group activity.

"Celebration is part of the game," says Dansby, back for a third tour with the Cardinals. "I've been watching celebrations since I was 6 years old, imitating them."

There are some limitations to celebrations. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown would still be fined for this celebration. 

Of course, players can always follow the lead of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and just hand the ball to the official.

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