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Geek on the Go! Fun with Geeky Handbags
by Krissy Lenz, the Guru of Geekery
Geeks on the go need a fun and functional bag to carry stuff in style. Luckily, fun geeky handbags and accessories are all the rage! 
Think Geek is always my first stop for amazing geeky goods. The quest for your geeky handbag should start here! The selection of purses, handbags and wallets of all sizes and varieties will definitely have an option that is right for you. I love the Dome Purse especially well; it is compact but still fits everything I need to carry. And, if you REALLY have a need to carry TONS of stuff around with you, I recommend the Handbag of Holding. There are several different styles of the Handbag of Holding, and it is guaranteed to hold an amazing amount of stuff.  – 
Loungefly is another can’t miss source for great geeky handbags. Loungefly is the maker of the Star Wars Boba Fett patent leather Dome Purse that I carry every day. One can find fun Loungefly bags and accessories all over the mall in fun shops like Hot Topic. I recommend hitting their website for new and exclusive bags, purses and accessories, they have something awesome to fit every fandom. 
Often times, the absolute best bags are sourced unconventionally. I love to look in the kids section for cool and creative bags I can repurpose to carry my grown up things. I like Bixbee backpacks because they are fun and a great size to carry as a purse alternative. 
Keep your geeky eyes open for other interesting containers that can double as geeky handbags. I like to carry a small Millennium Falcon Lego carry case as a small clutch. Lunch bags and boxes are also always an option for an interesting and unsual way to sport your fandom and still carry your things.
I like to always keep in mind that there are always a plethora of local artisans who can whip up handmade geeky goodness just for you! Comicon and local handmade markets are an extra amazing place to look for one of a kind items.  I use a handmade handbag by Lila-Jo Clothing & Accessories. You can find the Lila-Jo Etsy shop here: 
From giant bags designed to carry everything you own, to the tiny wristlets that carry a card and a key, the important thing is to remember that there is always a handbag out there as geeky and unique as you are! 

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