UPDATE: 1-year-old girl recovering in ICU after nearly drowning in bucket

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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Phoenix fire officials say a 1-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a bucket Tuesday is "recovering in the ICU" at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The little girl was found unresponsive Tuesday at a home near 40th Street and Union Hills Drive in Phoenix.

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 Paramedics rushed her to Phoenix Children's Hospital in extremely critical condition and started advanced life support.

According to the parents, who were home at the time, the little girl was found in a bucket of water located in the backyard said police.

The 5-gallon bucket was only filled a quarter of the way, containing approximately 6 to 8 inches of water said Phoenix Fire Capt. Rob McDade.

At this time, Phoenix fire officials do not know how long the child was face down in the bucket.

She currently has a pulse and remains in ICU.

"The fact that the child has pulses right now at the hospital leaves us to believe the child has a good chance of hopefully making it through this but has a long road ahead," said McDade.

On Wednesday, the Phoenix Fire Department sent out the following safety and reminders about keeping small children safe around the house. 

  1. When a child sees a bucket of water, it is an instant attraction. Unfortunately, toddlers are top heavy. If a toddler reaches into a bucket to touch the water, it is very easy for the child to tip right in headfirst. The child doesn't have the upper body strength to get back out of the bucket. 
  2. Parents should be aware of hazards such as bathtubs, buckets, bath seats, toilets, and landscaping features like fountains. 

Here are a few tips- 

  • Never leave young children alone near any water or tub or basin with fluid. Young children can drown in even small amounts of liquid. 
  • Always keep a young child within arm's reach in a bathtub. If you must leave, take the child with you. 
  • Don't leave a baby or young child in a bathtub under the care of another child. 
  • Never leave a bucket containing even a small amount of liquid unattended. Toddlers are top heavy and they can fall headfirst into buckets and drown. After using a bucket, always empty and store it where young children cannot reach it. Don't leave buckets outside where they can collect rainwater. 
  • Consider placing locks on toilet seat covers in case a young child wanders into the bathroom.
  •  Learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It can be a lifesaver when seconds count.

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