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Over 1,900 Tempe jobs available this Monday, May 15, 2017 at the Tempe Career Fair

Over 1,900 local jobs are up for grabs in Tempe this Monday, May 15, 2017. has partnered with some of Tempe's top companies to bring you the Tempe Career Fair at the Tempe Center for the Arts. The job fair will be open to all job seekers from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. A good portion of the featured companies will be hiring on the spot. Bring plenty of resumes and dress to interview. Attendance is free for job seekers. Job seekers are encouraged to arrive early to beat the crowd and can RSVP for free online at

Featured Companies Include: Chase 4 Wheel Parts, Honor Health, Piedmont Airlines, Mayo Clinic, Discover, Wells Fargo, Dun & Bradstreet, Direct Energy, HSAG, Walgreens, Global Tranz, Asurion, ComTrans, 24-7 IN Touch Contact Centers, Cyracom Language Solutions, AZCR, Progrexion, Discount Ride, Dignity Memorial, U.S. Army, Labor Max, Sears, Randstad, RW Lynch and many more.
For information, visit,or call (520) 668-8646.

Tempe Center for the Arts
700 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe AZ 85281
11 am – 2 pm

Body sculpting classes for women taught by former UA runningback

It's Motivational Monday! Reggie McGill is a former University of Arizona runningback. He also spent time with the San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions. In addition to working with athletes, from youth to elite and pro, Reggie teaches body sculpting classes for woman. They work on both the upper and lower body. 

For more information, visit:

16647 N. 41st Pl.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Office Tel: 602-708-8986

Tempe launches GRID bike share program 

Residents and visitors will be able to take advantage of 30 stations, 300 bikes 

Tempe's 30 stations will be located in high-activity areas such as downtown Tempe, along the light rail line, near Arizona State University's campus and at community centers. Along with Tempe's fleet, the GRID Bike Share program across the Valley will boast a total of more than 1,100 bikes at more than 100 hubs across three cities.

For more information, please visit: or download the Social Bicycles mobile application on Google Play or at the iTunes App Store. 

Fans line up for "Hamilton" tickets at ASU Gammage

ASU Gammage 2017-2018 Broadway season subscriptions go on sale Monday, May 15th at 10:00 am - and officials say purchasing the package is the best way to guarantee seats to the popular Broadway show "Hamilton." A package starts at $190. 

The smash-hit musical about our founding father, HAMILTON, will anchor ASU Gammage's largest Broadway season ever, which also includes groundbreaking new works and heartwarming favorites such as FUN HOME, SOMETHING ROTTEN! THE BODYGUARD, THE KING AND I, THE COLOR PURPLE, THE HUMANS and SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Due to the anticipated demand and limited availability, patrons are encouraged to purchase season tickets online at This will be the fastest and most efficient way to secure seats for this blockbuster season. 

Some additional suggestions include: 

  •     There are two ways to buy season tickets: 
  •     In person at the ASU Gammage Box Office  
  •     8 Show season tickets are priced as follows: 
  •     Tuesday & Thursday $190, $410, $495, $585, $750*
  •     Friday & Sunday Evening $225, $455, $550, $635, $820*
  •     Saturday Matinee, Saturday Evening, Sunday Matinee $240, $475, $570, $665, $850*

* Requires donation to ASU Gammage VIP Club | Some seating zones may be sold out prior to public on sale with season ticket renewals.

  •     Best availability Sunday evening
  •     Have several days of the week in mind in the event that your first-day choice is unavailable
  •     Have several seating zones in mind in the event that your first-price level is unavailable
  •     Repeat: Buy ONLINE! Buying online is the fastest and easiest way to purchase tickets, and you get to experience our interactive seating map

New season ticket packages go on sale Monday, May 15, 10 a.m. at

If you don't have an account with ASU Gammage on Ticketmaster, visit and click Your Account tab to start an account. This will ease your process purchasing season tickets.

Visit to get your tickets ad for more information

Gammage Auditorium
1200 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Queen of Clean: Removing BBQ Stains

I don't always make my own laundry spotters. There are some great products I have tested over the years that have found work really well.  Here's my list and what I use them for.

AMODEX Non-toxic Ink and Stain Remover:  I came across this a few years ago in an office supply store.  It never fails to impress me.  It works great on ink and is also good for Sharpie marks.  In addition to that it removes grass, crayon, hair dye, wine, berries, chocolate and so much more.  It is not inexpensive but a little goes a long way and for those tough stains it really does the job.  Buy at ACE, AMAZON and office stores.

ZOTE SOAP:  This is a very inexpensive bar of soap that is fantastic for removing oily stains and I love it for underarm stains.  First moisten the underarm with hydrogen peroxide and then work in the ZOTE Soap really well.  Make sure you treat the entire stain. Let it sit a few minutes and then launder as usual.  I usually have 100% success with this method.  You can also use it for washing delicates and other spotting.  Find at Walmart, grocery stores and many $$$-type stores. 

CARBONA STAIN DEVILS These are a series of laundry spotters for specific problems.  There is one for rust, red wine, grease and oil, gum, blood, for a total of 10.  Look for them in the laundry spotter aisle and use according to directions.  They work well.

ZOUT LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER: This is a spray spotter that works for a wide variety of spots and stains. Of the many available brands, I find this works the best. Find anywhere laundry spotters are sold. 

FELS NAPTHA LAUNDRY BAR SOAP:  This soap has been around since the 1800's.  It is a wonderful spot and stain remover and works well on grass and red mud.  It's great for spotting sports uniforms.  It's inexpensive and can be found in the spotter aisle at grocery and big box stores.  It's very inexpensive and lasts a long time.  I use it for cleaning too.  It works well for scrubbing patio furniture. 

SPOT SHOT INSTANT CARPET STAIN REMOVER:  I love this for really difficult stains and grease and oil.  Test in an inconspicuous area prior to using.

I always have my QUEEN'S MIRACLE SPOTTER on the shelf.  It is wonderful for all stains and spotting. 
Combine 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part DAWN Original or Ultra Dish Soap and put it in a labeled squirt bottle.  Work it into stains and launder as usual. 

WHITE BRITE LAUNDRY WHITENER:  It's not just for whites.  This product does whiten white clothes, removing dingy color.  It also removes fugitive color, which is color that bleeds from colored clothes into other clothes.  I also find that it is good for removing light discolorations and stains that just haven't quite been removed.  Buy at grocery and big box stores.   

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.

Recharge your sex life

Couples' counselor Jane Fendelman says the number one issue she treats is how sex changes in relationships as time goes on. For more info on Jane and her couples' retreats visit

Apply: Please complete the 5-minute Retreat application by following this link.  Once that is completed, we will contact you to schedule your 20-minute telephone interview.

RelationShip Retreat
Couples Counselor Jane Fendelman, MC has more than 24 years of experience working with over 30,000 individuals, couples, families, and corporations. Benefit from her expertise in this joyous, life-changing, mind-blowing retreat.

It is ideal for partners who are great but want to be better, in trouble and need a real fix, and platonic friends who would like to practice tools, techniques and philosophies for attracting more love into their lives.

This fun and powerful weekend Retreat lets you and your partner:

  • Recapture Your Love and Sacred Sexuality
  • Reignite Romance and Intensify Chemistry
  • Honor Your Beloved Without Losing Yourself
  • Heal Old Wounds (recent and childhood)
  • Be Profoundly Connected in Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Supercharge Your Joy, Pleasure and Ecstasy
  • Resolve Old Arguments and Create Something New!
  • And much, much more!

Jane is committed to the highest standard of service and to uphold an impeccable code of confidentiality. All monogamous commitments are honored.

Homewood Suites by Hilton 2001 E. Highland Ave Phx, AZ 85016
Fee: $600/couple
Saturday, July 22, 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, July 23, 10:00am-6:00pm
*Bring: Sleeping bag or thick blanket and two pillows

Dream Jobs: Finding your passion

Patrick Antrin, Author, Leadership Expert gives us steps on how to find you passion in life.

Steps in finding your passion    

  •     Your passion will change over time. 
  •     Stop looking for your passion. There's only one step and that's developing yourself.
  •     When we get good at things, our confidence skyrockets. Happiness is an outcome when we are doing good work.

Changes you need to make in your life

  •     Begin with curiosity because that forces us to look outside of ourselves. This is how we learn. 
  •     Start with small steps to develop courage, take small risks. This will lead you to growth opportunities, both in failure and success.
  •     Failure is how we learn and grow. Embrace it. 
  •     Stay committed to the process and you will begin to enjoy the benefits of hard work.

For more information visit his website: or call: 800-803-8094

To order his book: "The Inner Game of Success" visit,

Gina Maravilla Dream Job is to be OB-GYN and deliver babies she shadows Dr. Sharon Thompson and talks about her job and educational requirements.

Dr. Sharon Thompson gives us the education requirements for MD, RN, Midwife and Doula.

Ob-gyn--college (4). med school (4) residency (4)
Family practice--college (4). med school (4) residency (3) Some will do an additional year of obstetrics training to get more targeted experience
Neonatology college--(4) med school (4) residency (3) Fellowship (3)

1) Certified Nurse midwife/Certified midwife
CNMs' primary job is care for healthy moms before, during and after childbirth. 
training requirements vary by school and state. Most CNMs will have a bachelors and master’s degree. 
2) Neonatal Nurse practitioner
Neonatal nurse practitioners care for babies in the neonatal ICU. 
RN (2-4) Masters in advance practice nursing (2) 
3) Labor and delivery nurse 
Care for moms in labor and babies in the immediate post-natal period
Most have a bachelor’s degree but some become nurses through alternate routes that can take from 2-4 years.

Lay midwife or direct entry midwife
primary job is care for healthy moms before, during and after childbirth
Education attained will vary. Most have some combination of classes and apprenticeship.

education varies here as well with increasing formal education in recent years.  A doula is usually a lay person who wants to provide social and emotional support for moms during pregnancy. Doulas attend births with the goal of providing emotional and physical support during labor. Most doulas will use the recommendation of an organization as to the types of education needed but the field is not formally regulated and has no licensing requirements.

For more information:

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 288-0777