Witness describes scene inside restaurant during holdup

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A woman identified as Angelic shares her experience when a Phoenix restaurant she was dining at was robbed. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) A woman identified as Angelic shares her experience when a Phoenix restaurant she was dining at was robbed. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

It was an ordinary Sunday night in a north Phoenix restaurant until the gunman burst through the front door.

"I remember thinking 'this isn't happening, this isn't real,'" said Angelic, whose last name we agreed to withhold so she would tell us the story of what she saw and what she did that night.

"My attention was taken because of a shotgun going off. Everyone turns and looks and there's a man, a gunman, mask on, ball cap, hoodie, huge shotgun in his hand and he's yelling 'I need everyone's money if nobody wants to die,'" said Angelic.

She was at the restaurant, having dessert with her two young children.

"We got under the table. I immediately dialed 911, and honestly, I was scared to even call," she said.

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But the information Angelic gave to the 911 operator that night may have played a role in the police responding so quickly.

"I could see him from under the table. I could see him the entire time," she said. "He was walking up and down the aisles, pointing the gun at people and demanding money," she said.

Angelic remained calm, and experts say that is critical if you want to survive an armed robbery like this one.

"The vast majority of robberies, nobody gets hurt," said Kevin Boontjer, a retired Tempe police sergeant. "The people come in. They scream and yell. They get what they want and then they leave the scene. And ultimately, that is the end game you want," he said.

Boontjer teaches people how to react during stressful situations as part of his job with Triple Nine Training. He says the key, most often, is to cooperate.

"This isn't a pride contest. We don't decide who is going to be the toughest or the most macho. You do anything they tell you to do, short of endangering somebody," said Boontjer.

The three common survival options are:

  • Run if you can safely get away
  • Hide if the gunman has not seen you
  • Fight only as a last resort

"The 'fight' should never come into play at all, as long as it stays a robbery," said Boontjer.

Police caught the alleged gunman in north Phoenix later that same night. Nobody was injured in the robbery, but Angelic says the experience changed her.

"There was a moment when it started, when I thought we might not make it out of here," said Angelic.

She has sought counseling for her children and took a course on how to carry a concealed weapon the very next week.

"I don't ever want to feel helpless like that ever again," she said.

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