Will man's best friend really protect your home?

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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Many of us wonder what our dogs do all day while we're not at home. We know they sleep a lot! But will they protect your home from a break-in

We decided to find out whether a four-legged friend is really a deterrent to crime.

We put two dogs, Sophie and Bruno, to the test.

Nine-month-old Sophie is untrained.  But 5-year-old Bruno is trained to "protect."

We sent Louis Robinson with Robinson Dog Training to this Glendale home, dressed up as a burglar and equipped with our cameras.

We wanted to see the difference between how an average dog versus a trained dog would react to a break-in.

Sophie went first. 

As the would-be "burglar" entered the home, we heard plenty of barking, but a lot of scampering.

When Robinson looked around, he found Sophie huddled in a corner.

Then, it was Bruno's turn. 

You can hear his owner giving him the go ahead.

Bruno immediately jumps into action, biting Louis' reinforced sleeve.

He lets go on his owner's command. 

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Dolores Kuhlwein says she first got Bruno a few years ago after a scary day at her own home.

"Two men came to the door and pounded on the door so hard the house, the front wall shook," she said. 

She was the only one home at the time. 

"I was scared enough to go out the back door."

But now, after extensive training, Bruno's got her back.

"Most dogs do not know what to do when it comes to an intruder breaking in," said Robinson.

But he says, even so, just having a dog that will bark is a good security system.

"A dog is a good deterrent," he said. "If you have a dog, even if it's not trained to bite, its barking may scare a bad guy away."

Robinson says he has no shortage of clients in the Valley these days.

"With the rise in home invasions in the Valley, it seems like I've been doing a lot of protection work lately."

But he knows it's a luxury.

"Not everybody can afford a private trainer."

So, before trying any protective training with your dog, make sure Fido is obedience trained first.     

And Robinson says any breed of dog can learn as long as they have the drive. 
Kuhlwein says she doesn't know exactly what Bruno would do if she wasn't home to give him his cues. But having him is an extra layer of protection that she says is priceless.

"I don't think people realize until they go through this process how much its worth, just to have that security," she said.

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