Family members of serial shooter victims hope police have right suspect

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Family members of the serial shooter victims say they hope the police have the right suspect.

Monday morning, Sylvia Ellis said she was returning to her home from a walk in the neighborhood when she noticed officers from the Phoenix Police Department in front of her home.

Ellis said she recognized one of the officers, as one who had been keeping her and her family updated on the investigation into the murder of Ellis’ daughter and granddaughter. The officers were there to tell her they made an arrest in the case.

“I was in shock. I was really shocked. It just brought all my raw emotions and everything up and I'm still in shock. I'm still trying to get a hold of my emotions,” said Ellis.

In June 2016, Stefanie Ellis, 31, her daughter Maleah, 12 and Stefanie’s friend Angela Linner were gunned down and killed while they listened to music in a car in front of the Ellis home.

The shootings were linked to the Serial Street Shootings. On Monday, investigators announced they believed Aaron Saucedo, 23, was behind the killings.

Ellis' husband, Dossie Ellis, was not home when police delivered the news. but he learned about it later in the day. He said he was pleased with the arrest but had some reservations.

“I want them to be sure. I want them to be positive that that's the person. I don't want them getting the wrong people. They don't need to put hurt on hurt. I want them to get the right people, you know?” said Ellis.

Heis also not convinced that Saucedo is the only one involved in the shootings. He said a witness at his home saw three people in the car that shot and killed his daughter, granddaughter and their friend.

“I want the facts. Make sure that's him and then sweat him and make him tell on the rest of them. I want them all,” said Dossie.

Sylvia Ellis said over the past year, she has tried to suppress her feelings of sadness and grief. But the truth is, she thought about her loved ones every day, multiple times a day. She and her daughter were very close.

“She was just a loving compassionate person. She was my supporter. She was my backbone almost at times. She was there for me. We were there for each other,” said Ellis

Dossie Ellis said he will not attend any of the upcoming court hearings set for Saucedo. He said the pain is too deep and he is not sure he could control his emotions.

He is glad someone is going to have to answer for the crime, but he is haunted by what was behind the murders.

“I want whoever did it, I want to  know why they did it. What were they {sic} reason? Were they just crazed at doing something stupid at the moment or what? I'm looking for satisfaction on that Why did you kill my babies?” he said.

Sylvia Ellis, on the other hand, plans to go to court when Saucedo appears before a judge.

“I want to see this young man face to face,” she said.  

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