'Goose-cam' keeps an eye on gaggle of geese about to hatch

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(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)
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After weeks of waiting for April the giraffe to give birth, we're all familiar with "Giraffe Cam."

Now, there's "Goose Cam."

A gaggle of six baby geese is expected to hatch any day now in Omaha, Nebraska.

But this isn't happening in the wild. 

It will happen, fittingly, right outside a hospital.

The mama and papa goose have been nicknamed Alice and Ralph after the couple in "the Honeymooners."  Why? Like the TV characters, they bicker a lot.

The geese have been nesting right outside the hospital for 12 years now.

And this year, Alice and Ralph are nesting in a very appropriate location: in a large flowerpot just outside the maternity ward.

CHI health has been sharing a live "Goose Cam" view on YouTube.

Once the goslings arrive, security staff will stop traffic whenever mom takes the kids to the nearby lake.

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