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Home Depot Debbie Hernandez shows us how to make rustic wooden signs just in time for Mother's Day! Below, she lays out the directions to create the perfect gift for anyone. 

-1x4x8 wood cut to 18" pieces
(Finished or Unfinished)
-1x2x8 cut to 12" pieces.
-Stain or Paint if unfinished or stain to match finished wood for ends if unfinished.
-Drill, drill bit and screwdriver bit.
-1 1/4" screws
-Clear Contact Paper
-Exacto knife
-Paint or Sharpie Paint Pens.
-Polyurethane Spray (Optional)
-Hanging hooks or stake. 

-Cut Wood
-Paint or stain all sides of boards, if the pre-finished wood is being used, touch up cut ends.
-Place planks together, stack one on top of the other horizontally, backs facing up.
-Place 1x2 pieces vertically on top of planks.
-Pre-Drill 4 pilot holes in each of the 1x2's, one in each plank.
-Screw together with 1 1/4" screws.
-Print out desired words or saying on your computer in the desired size.

Three ways to paint sign:
-Trace words onto contact paper, cut out with an exacto knife, peel the backing, attach to wood sign to use as a stencil and paint.
-Cut letters out from the print out and use the paper as a stencil.
-Paint freehand.
-Attach picture hanger or stake and enjoy! 

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