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Baby Back Pork Ribs with a Sweet Garlic Rib Glaze & Sweet Potatoes and Chibi Burgers with Wasabi Aioli& Yuzu Kosho


Courtesy of Chef Jason Alford, Roka Akor

Baby Back Pork Ribs
6 Full Racks (serves 8-12)
If youre going to cook 5-6 racks pork ribs: In a large pot able to accommodate your 6 racks add the following:

1 cup sake
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 orange sliced
1ea white onion
3tbl gochujang (korean chili paste)
1tbl chili flakes
Wrapped in a steeper add these items: (something for tea so the botanicals dont escape)
2 cinnamon sticks
1 tbl star anise
8 cloves

Put it all in a put with your ribs, then fill with water just so the ribs are submerged. Bring to a simmer, until ribs are at desired temp.

Sweet Garlic Soy Rib Glaze

2.5 Cups Soy
.5 Cup Sugar
(whisk together and bring to a simmer)
Add .5 cups minced garlic, remove from heat, then add:
add 2 tbl chili flakes
add 2 tlb toasted sesame
1 tsp sesame oil

Sweet Potato:
Wrap desired amount of sweet potatoes in foil with pinch of salt, poke holes in the foil for air flow and even cooking (don't kill the potato, you just want to penetrate the foil) cook at 325 F for 30 minutes, checking if its finished by poking a skewer into the potato (now you can kill the potato) if it sticks it needs more time. If the skewer slides free you can remove from oven and leave in foil and reserve for grill.

Ginger Teriyaki:
1 Cup Soy Sauce
1/2 Cup Mirin
1/4 Cup Sake
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp sesame oil
toasted sesame (garnish)
Ginger (about a thumb size piece)

Flame off sake and mirin at high heat, add soy and sugar and reduce to low heat. Reduce 25% (about 15-20 minutes. Let cool, this is your teriyaki base. Separately you will peel the ginger. Grate finely on a microplane or fine side of a grater. Add to teriyaki base.
Slide potatoes into medallions, brush with sesame oil. Grill until caramelized, Finish the ginger yeriyaki and toasted sesame.

Chibi Burger, Wasabi Aioli
1 Ground Beef (80% meat, 20% fat) I prefer to ask a butcher to ground straight tri tip if you feel like indulging.
1 tomato, charred (use a blow torch if you have one, or broil in oven on top rack, just to burn the outside skin but retaining firmness of the tomato)
1 Red onion (shaved, rinsed)
1ea Avocado (sliced)
3" Slider Buns (email me for recipe, if they prefer to make homemade)

Wasabi Aioli (you can make by adding minced garlic and wasabi powder to mayo to taste depending on how garlicky or spicy you would like)

Yuzu Kosho
Pre make your patties according to the size of your buns.
Slice tomato to desired thickness, placed shaved onion, avocado, and pencil size dab of yuzu kosho on tomato.
Grill burger to desired temp. Toast bun on grill. Build, slice and enjoy.

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