Philanthropist and CEO of United Builders Service Inc., Lloyd Claycomb, supports Adventist World Aviation

Lloyd Claycomb partners with aviation organization to help meet the needs of impoverished people and spread the Gospel

2016 was a great year for philanthropy and 2017 marks a strong beginning with a $100,000 donation from CEO and Chairman of the Board for United Builders Service, Inc., Lloyd Claycomb, to Adventist World Aviation. The non-profit, dedicated to building God’s Kingdom, reaching the unreachable who live with desperation, disease and death as constant companions, and introducing them to Hope, Health and Life, operates 13 aircraft at eight sites in four countries, relieving physical suffering, saving lives, offering hope and proclaiming the gospel.

Since the founding of Colorado-based United Builders Service, Inc. Lloyd Claycomb has leveraged his business success and strong community ties to become an active supporter of philanthropic efforts. Alongside his wife Karen, Lloyd Claycomb has wasted no opportunity to do support various charitable endeavors and community causes. His latest donation to the Adventist World Aviation is a testament to his strong commitment to making a difference in communities worldwide – one charitable cause at a time.

In addition to Lloyd Claycomb's financial contribution to Adventist World Aviation, he was recently nominated to the board of directors for the organization and plans to donate his time as pilot of his private jet to help serve the needs of the organization and the people they help. Committed to extending the healing ministry of Christ, by caring for those in need, Pastor Ric Swaningson - President/CEO of the Adventist World Aviation organization has commented on the generous financial support of Mr. Lloyd Claycomb: "We are in the process of bringing Lloyd on the team. We look forward to what we can accomplish together. Exciting days ahead."

The mission of the non-profit is to extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who find themselves in dire circumstance and by nurturing the health of the people in communities around the world. This follows Lloyd Claycomb’s multiple philanthropic endeavors and financial support towards numerous organizations, specifically those working in Central & South America, including Our Children International and Maranatha International Volunteers and Our Warriors at Home. Alongside his wife, Karen, Lloyd donates both time and money to create meaningful change both locally and abroad. He is responsible for the construction of an orphanage in El Salvador that currently serves up to 160 orphans.

Following Lloyd Claycomb’s recent appointment as President-Elect Trump's 2016 State Victory Finance Chairman and Transition Finance Committee, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Builders Service, Inc. has shown a growing interest in using his developing political career and influence to actively help communities in US and abroad through a string of social initiatives and ongoing financial support that aims to promote health, equal opportunities and a foundation for the future. Lloyd Claycomb is currently in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of the President-elect.

You can reach Lloyd Claycomb on twitter @Lloyd_Claycomb or through his personal website.