Congressman Scott Taylor Attends Meeting Hosted by Arizona Philanthropist and CEO of United Builders Service, Inc., Lloyd Claycomb

Recently named one of four lawmakers to watch by’s Rising Stars 2017: Members of Congress edition, Congressman Scott Taylor attended a private meeting with the National Director of the Navy League of the United States – Mr. Lloyd Claycomb on Thursday in Scottsdale, AZ. The representative and one of Arizona’s most prominent businessmen and philanthropists addressed various political and social topics of interest. They discussed in detail the GOP health care bill being pulled as Republican leaders failed to get votes. Rep. Taylor, who is pro-life and in support of legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, reiterated his belief that the Republican Party has not managed to escape some mistakes in the past, but has learned from them and would, hopefully, use what has been learned in the years to come.

In discussions with Lloyd Claycomb, who has been one of President’s Trump most avid supporters in Arizona and a generous contributor to his election campaign, Congressman Scott Taylor voiced his intent to work across party lines. Mr. Claycomb supports Mr. Taylor’s views in the need for the nation to come together and unite to overcome political differences. This personal example set forth by Lloyd Claycomb, who is a respected local businessman and philanthropist, is in line with the Republican view on the value of cultural enrichment.

Understandably, one of the topics of discussion was President Trump’s frustration with the House Freedom Caucus and his attempts at changing the Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obamacare by the media). Amid the controversial health care debate, Lloyd Claycomb expressed his concern with the lack of consensus among members of the Caucus, which he described as both ineffective and politically counterproductive. The two discussed the current challenges that the Department of Veterans Affairs is facing as well, namely outdated operations and technology systems.

Apart from their political views and level of social engagement, congressman Scott Taylor and Lloyd Claycomb have another thing in common – a strong support of America’s armed forces. Rep. Scott Taylor is a former Navy Seal and Mr. Claycomb is involved with multiple organizations that support veterans, active duty servicemembers, and their families. Recently appointed as the National Director of the Navy League of the United States, Lloyd Claycomb is actively involved in charitable initiatives that support American military personnel and their caregivers, including the founding of a non-profit organization, Our Warriors at Home, which aims to support the families of wounded veterans. Mr. Taylor is also an avid supporter of causes that help veterans and their families, having noticed the initiatives of Mr. Claycomb and Our Warriors at Home and their potential to make a tremendous impact on local communities. Another parallel between the two men is the extensive time that they’ve both spent South America. Between Mr. Taylor’s missions as a Navy Seal and Mr. Claycomb’s extensive volunteer experience in the region, they were able to recount some of the places they’ve both visited and even spoke Spanish with one another.

This meeting set the tone for future collaborations between Congressman Scott Taylor and Lloyd Claycomb as they discovered a shared interest in social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for veterans and their families as well as active involvement in the political situation of the country.