Women attacked by pit bulls want to feel safe again

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(Source: Go Fund Me) (Source: Go Fund Me)

A Goodyear mother and daughter say they just want to feel safe outside their own home after a violent pit bull attack.

Julie Jarrell and Sara Spencer were walking their four dogs down their block Thursday afternoon near Van Buren and Sarival when a pit bull encountered the group.

The women say the pit bull was not on a leash and attacked their smallest dog, Meredith, when it began to bark. 

Jarrell says she reached down to protect her dog’s neck and tried desperately to get the pit bull to drop her pet.

“I was trying to do the nose so I thought if maybe it couldn’t breathe, it would open the mouth and then I could run with the dog,” says Jarrell.

Jarrell says the pit bull bit down on her during the struggle. Then, the situation went from bad to worse.

“As soon as I saw the pit bull come up,” says Spencer,  “It actually got a really good bite in her abdomen. As soon as that happened, I laid, like, I put my hands down on her abdomen and that's when it latched onto me.”

The women say police and fire crews showed up to get control of the two pit bulls. The women suffered bites and cuts. They believed Meredith was dead.

“I scooped her up and I went to give her a kiss,” says Jarrell. “And I saw that she had blinked, kind of.”

The mother and daughter hope to bring Meredith home tomorrow from an animal hospital, but they say they were concerned to hear the pitbulls are back on their block.  They were apparently told the dogs are being quarantined at the owner’s residence and the owner has been cited.

“I can’t understand why these beasts that have shown they’re vicious would go back home,” says Jarrell. 

The women are exploring legal options, they say, because they want the pit bulls out of their neighborhood.

“I would have never in a million years dreamed this was going to happen,” says Jarrell.

The owner did not agree to an interview.

Jarrell and Spencer are trying to raise money for Meredith’s care.  Donations can be made here:


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