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Chompie's celebrates Passover with special menu 

Chompie's, Arizona's New York deli, is celebrating the start of Passover with a special dine in menu on April 10 and 11. We're there learning the art of making meals without flour, such as Matzo Brei with onions. 

Chompie's Passover Dinner includes:

  •     Choice of House made Chopped Liver OR Gefilte Fish with Beet Horseradish
  •     Choice of Chicken Soup with Matzo Ball OR Sweet and Sour Cabbage

    Entree Choice of:
      - Half roasted chicken with savory Passover Stuffing
      - Braised Brisket of Beef with Gravy
      - Steelhead Salmon Filet
      - Roasted Turkey Breast with Passover Stuffing and Gravy

  •     Potato Latke with Applesauce OR Roasted Potatoes
  •     String Beans OR Old World Tzimmis
  •     Assortment of Holiday Cakes

Seating for Chompie's Passover dinner is from 5pm to close. Reservations are strongly recommended.  Chompie's also offers a Passover To Go menu with take away items so guests can celebrate in their homes too. Chompie's has five locations in the Valley in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale.

Matzo Brei with onions

3 sheets               Matzo Crackers
2 each                 Whole eggs -scrambled
2 oz                     Diced Yellow onions

Sautee onions in oil until brown.  In a bowl break matzo crackers and
soak in hot water for about 10 seconds. Drain hot water.  Mix scrambled eggs with
Matzo crackers and pour on top of sautéed onions.  Cook until lightly brown

Caramelized Banana Brei
3 sheets                Matzo Crackers
2 each                   Whole eggs -scrambled
1 each                   Fresh Banana
2 oz.                      Brown Sugar
1 oz.                      Butter
4 oz.                      Maple syrup

Sautee sliced banana, brown sugar, maple syrup, and butter in a pan In a bowl break matzo crackers and soak in hot water for about 10 seconds. Drain hot water.   Mix scrambled eggs with Matzo crackers and pour in lightly oiled frying pan - cook until lightly browned plate Matzo brei and pour caramelized bananas over the top.

For more information, visit: 

    Scottsdale:     9301 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale 85260   // 480-860-0475
    Tempe:           1160 E. University, Tempe 85281    // 480-557-0700
    Phoenix:         4550-324 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix 85032   // 602-710-2910
    Chandler:        3481 W. Frye Rd., Chandler 85226    // 480-398-3008
    Glendale:        7700 W. Arrowhead Towne Center #1145 // 623-344-3104

New eyewear trends for Spring 

Spring has sprung and with it comes a lot of latest trends. Midwestern University Eye Institute is showing off these latest trends in eyewear at  their Spring Designer Eyewear Show and Open House on April 11th.

This spring we see so many great options to protect your eyes from the sun. 

Top 10 Trends for Spring/Summer 2017
1.     Overtly Oversized
2.     Futuristic
3.     Double-wire
4.     Statement Piece high drama high fashion
5.     Clearly Plastic
6.     Funky Geometry
7.     Aviators still in style
8.     Cat Eyes
9.     Flat on Top
10.   Butterfly Wings

The other really hot trend in eye wear is sports-vision therapy or glasses and therapy that actually improve your athletic ability

The public can see all these fun trends, plus get 30% off designer frames and sunglasses at the AZ: Spring Designer Eyewear Show and Open House
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Midwestern University Eye Institute
5865 W. Utopia Rd. 
Glendale, AZ 85308
(59th Ave. & Utopia south of the 101)

Eye Institute Hours:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday/Thursday | 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

For more information, visit:

As a full-service eye and vision clinic, the Eye Institute provides comprehensive eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, disease screenings, sports vision training and vision enhancement for athletes, low-vision and rehabilitative vision services, pediatric care, and a 24-hour on-call optometrist.
More than 100 Midwestern University's Arizona College of Optometry faculty and students work together to ensure the highest quality eye care using the latest technology.
They serve hundreds of patients each year.
Call 623-537- 6000 to schedule an appointment.

Kid fitness activities that are healthy and fun Plus Hiking tips for kids

Childhood obesity costs our country a lot billions of dollars and for the first time, a high percentage of children may not outlive their parents. For 13 years, Valley non-profit Healthy LifeStars, has helped lead the effort to overcome childhood obesity by different fitness programs.  Also, Motivational Monday brings us to Maricopa to preview the Step Up 4 Kids Walk-a-thon, an event dedicated to ending childhood obesity. Hiking is just one of the fun activities that can get your kids moving! 

For more information, visit:

Healthy LifeStars
1645 E. Missouri Ave.Ste. 330
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Ocean Poke opens with custom bowls

Discover what Polynesians have known for generations and opt for poke! The made to order bowls are fresh and healthy. 

For more information, visit: and Facebook:

Ocean Poke Co.
3619 E Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Designer babies are no longer science fiction

New technology allows selection of gender and other traits. Dr. Sharon Thompson discusses what traits can now be chosen for your "designer baby."

Super Babies: Super babies through DNA editing: a new technology that is cheap, 'easy' and accurate can edit DNA to make specific changes.  Will people be able to create babies to order? 

Designer Babies

  •        DNA is what genes are made of and genes are the basis of heredity. 
  •        It had been just 22 years since James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin described what DNA wasdeoxyribonucleic acid, four different structures called bases stuck to a backbone of sugar and phosphate, in sequences thousands of bases long. 
  •        A designer baby is a baby genetically engineered in vitro for specially selected traits, which can vary from lowered disease-risk to gender selection. 
  •        The colloquial term "designer baby" refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics. 
  •        In simpler terms, using biotechnology to choose what type of baby you want. Latest research is making designer babies a reality now, using technology developed originally for use in animals.
  •        This dream-like scenario is slowly becoming a reality, as the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool is being touted as the next big biomedical breakthrough that can lead to the development of designer babies.

 What traits could be changed in a designer baby?

  •        Gender
  •        Appearance
  •        Intelligence
  •        Disease
  •        Personality

Pros and Cons of Designer Babies

  •        Reduces risk of genetic diseases
  •        Reduces risk of inherited medical conditions
  •        Keep pace with others doing it
  •        Better chance the child will succeed in life
  •        Better understanding of genetics
  •        Increased life span
  •        Can give a child genes that the parents do not carry
  •        Prevent next generation of family from getting characteristics/diseases


  •        Termination of embryos
  •        Could create a gap in society
  •        Possibility of damage to the gene pool
  •        Baby has no choice in the matter
  •        Genes often have more than one use
  •        Geneticists are not perfect
  •        Loss of Individuality
  •        Other children in family could be affected by parent's decision
  •        Only the rich can afford it

For more information on Designer Babies and CRISPR-Cas9, visit these links:

For more information on Dr. Sharon Thompson, visit:

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology
926 E. McDowell Road
Suite 134
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
(602) 288-0777

Queen of Clean: All Natural Personal Care Products

Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup liquid castile soap (Most easily found is Dr. Bronner's but any brand is fine)
1 tsp vitamin E, olive or almond oil
10 to 20 drops your choice of essential oils try lavender, orange, grapefruit, whatever you like
Combine all ingredients in a shampoo bottle or jar and shake well to mix. (I buy the squeeze bottles above at the $$$ store.) You can keep it in the shower for up to one month.  Shake before use.
Use about a teaspoon every time you shampoo. 
Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash
1 empty approximately 12 ounces foaming soap container (I repurposed one from the $$$ Store)

3 Tablespoons Pure Castile Soap.
1/2 teaspoon Vegetable Grade Glycerin. (Drug store, Amazon etc.)
8-10 drops of Thieves essential oil. (I use this for the antimicrobial properties, peppermint & Tea Tree Oil are also good)
Water to fill

Combine all the ingredients in the dispenser.
Fill the rest of the way with water, leaving room for the foaming pump.
Screw on the pump top and shake gently.
To use: Pump desired amount into hands and wash with warm water.

Nourishing Body Wash
1/2 cup full-fat unsweetened coconut milk canned 
2/3 cup castile soap scented or not 
3 tsp vitamin E oil 
15- 20 drops lavender essential oil (or your favorite)
2 tsp vegetable glycerin -  optional - or jojoba, almond or olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a bottle. Shake and use on a washcloth.
This body wash has a very short lifespan because it doesn't have preservatives and contains coconut milk. It's best to keep this body wash in the refrigerator and use it within a week. If you don't think you'll use it that fast, reduce the recipe, or freeze the extra.

Baby Wash
Castile soap is very gentle and moisturizing, which makes it a great baby wash! Add 1 ounce of liquid castile soap to 4 ounces of purified or distilled water. Add 3-6 drops of essential oil such as lavender, lemon, or orange if desired. Use caution to avoid getting soap in the eyes.

Shaving "Cream"
A little bit of castile soap rubbed between wet hands creates a beautiful lather that's perfect for shaving! The oils in the soap help the razor glide along your skin, which can help reduce cuts and razor burn. Use it for shaving your face, underarms, legs, etc.

Dog Shampoo
A bit of castile soap can be used to give your pooch a luxurious bath! Simply wet your dog's coat and massage a small amount of castile soap into their fur until you achieve a good lather. Make sure to massage it down into their skin! Your dog will love the massage, and they'll be clean as a whistle too!

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.

Easter Desserts with food blogger Heather Walker

If you're allergic to eggs, but still want to join in the fun for Easter, Heather Walker has some dessert solutions. We're making sugar cookies, dying icing, and making Easter egg desserts, minus the eggs. 

For more information and receipts visit:

Goodyear firefighter fights for a voice after diagnosis

Garry Siler, a Goodyear firefighter serving as captain of his department, lives with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Following his initial diagnosis, he battled symptoms for a year before finding a treatment with his doctor that helped him manage his RA. As a husband and father who underwent a long journey to find a treatment that was right for him, Garry wants to share his experience with other patients to encourage them to speak with their doctor and have a voice in their treatment decision. 

For more information, visit:

Former mafia family "Unprotected" in new docu-comedy

"Unprotected" follows the Cantarellas, a boisterous, old-school family that participated in the Federal Witness Protection Program after their testimony led to the conviction of one of the most powerful crime families in the country. Now out of the program and raising two teenagers in Scottsdale, Arizona, viewers will get an up-close and amusing glimpse into the lives of this New York family as they adapt to their unfamiliar suburban surroundings, try to shred old habits and stay true to themselves. 

"Unprotected," premiers on the Oxygen Channel. For more information, visit: