Phoenix man notices suspicious trend on NextDoor app

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Some folks in Phoenix say they are working to put burglars out of business, after seeing a spike in a very suspicious behavior.

"People have a tendency to believe the best in people, so when someone tells them they're here for a certain reason, they assume they are here for that reason," said Eric Cashman. But the former cop said that isn't what's happening in his northeast Phoenix neighborhood, at least according to his neighbors on the NextDoor app.

"They come to the front door, and when someone answers, they give them a reasonable reason for being there," Cashman said. He said they usually can't produce a business card. Then, if no one answers, they snoop. 

"That's when they go to the back of the house and find a way if they can enter safely," Cashman said.

His home was burglarized in 2013. At that time, his neighbor saw someone ringing his doorbell in the morning. When his daughter came home that afternoon, the house was a mess.

"The house was completely destroyed as they looked through every drawer, opened every cabinet," Cashman said.

Recently, his neighbors posted pictures of some guys ringing the doorbell, going from house to house. If you're suspicious, call the police.

He also has a message for any would-be burglars.

"Find a good job and work hard and make an honest living like all the rest of us have to do, because eventually, you're going to be caught," he said.

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