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Citrus Cured Pork Belly Buddha Buns


Courtesy of Iron Chef Beau MacMillan

Citrus Cured Pork Belly Buddha Buns

Citrus Cured Pork Belly

1         Pork Belly 
1 cup        Sugar
¾ cup        Sea Salt
5 whole     Lime, zest only
5 whole     Lemons, zest only
5 whole    Oranges, zest only
1 bunch    Rosemary, chopped
1 bunch    Winter kale, fresh
2 cups        Parsnip, shaved & fried
2 cups        Peanuts, roasted
2 cups        Carrots, shaved

Combine all ingredients.  Marinade pork belly for three hours.  

Roast at 450°F for one hour.  Turn heat down to 250°F and slow roast for two hours. 

Spoon soy sesame vinaigrette on plate and top with 4 oz. portion of pork belly.  Top with winter kale and crispy parsnip salad and toasted peanuts. 

Red Dragon Sauce 
1 Cup                  Gochujang 
1 Tbsp.                Togarashi 
1 Cup                  Sugar
¼ Cup                  Sesame oil 
1 Cup                  Water
1 Cup                  Rice Vinegar
¼ Cup                  Soy
2 Oz.                   Ginger
2 Oz.                   Garlic 
2 Oz.                  Honey

YEILD 6     Cups 1 Tbsp


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