Camelback drummer creates public show while hiking

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While many in the Valley have seen the Camelback Mountain Christmas tree, some may not know about the Camelback drummer.

Our helicopter caught the drummer’s performance during sunrise Wednesday morning. We wanted to know more, so we tracked him down.

Ken Koshio takes his music all the way to the top. He is a Taiko performer and an expert in the Japanese style of drumming.

Koshio said he hikes to the top of Camelback Mountain almost every day, but Wednesday morning he decided to take his drum with him.

When he saw our helicopter, he said he couldn't help but to put on a show.

Back in his studio, Koshio is happy to play and willing to teach—he said it's a loud hobby and a good workout.

"Sometimes I play 10 minutes. In a practice, sometimes, I go an hour," Koshio said.

Koshio's hikes are his way of conditioning for a big show that he has coming up next month.

"Physically, mentally, I need to discipline," Koshio said. 

He said that his public concert on Camelback Mountain was just a small sampling of his craft.

"Everybody’s not really happy-- with a lot of tragedies, wars, or political toughness. I believe drumming is also prayers,” Koshio said. “So, I try to maintain myself for my discipline, but also play drums for positive energy for the universe."

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