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Red Stripe Curried Prawns


Red Stripe Curried Prawns

Courtesy of Chef Danielle Leoni


Shrimp (16/20’s) 5 EA    Clean / Butterfly    
Olive Oil 1 T    
Red Bell Pepper    1 T  Small Dice
Tomato    1 T    Small Dice
Garlic    ¼ t    Minced
Thyme    ¼ t    Picked from stalk        
Sea Salt    1/8 t    
Black Pepper    1/8 t    Finely Ground
Curry Powder    ½ t        
Red Stripe Beer    1.5 OZ    


1.In small sauté pan, combine Olive Oil, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato, Garlic and Thyme.
2.On high heat, sauté for 15 seconds or until aromatic. 
3.Add Shrimp; make sure they have full contact with pan.
4.Sprinkle Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Curry Powder into sauté pan. Let cook on one side.
5.Flip shrimp.  
6.Let cook for about. 1 minute.
7.Deglaze with 1.5 OZ of Red Stripe Beer.
8.Simmer to reduce sauce. 

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