Injured baby donkey rescued after being found abandoned in a wash

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(Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization) (Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)
(Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization) (Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)
(Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization) (Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)
(Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization) (Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)

A 6-day-old baby donkey was found abandoned and severely injured in the northwest Valley this weekend.

A woman and her son out taking a walk found the foal in the Skunk Creek Wash between Bell and Thunderbird roads in Peoria. 

The baby followed the woman home and into her apartment. She called for help, and rescuers swooped in to come to the baby's aid. 

Volunteer Annie Brown with the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization loaded her up in the back of her SUV.

“We had to rush her immediately to Chaparral (Veterinary Medical Center) or she wouldn't make it. She was just that bad," said Brown.

Thanks to the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, the tiny donkey, now named Chloe, is now receiving medical care and plenty of TLC at the Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center.

Vets say Chloe had a badly infected neck wound and was severely weak and malnourished. It appeared she had been kicked in the neck by an adult donkey.

Where Chloe came from is anyone's guess.

“She could have been rejected by her dam,” said Dr. Rachel Liepman with Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center. “She could be a stray. She could be a wild donkey. We just don't know."

At first, her prognosis wasn't great.

"Baby donk is very touch-and-go. She has a kick wound to her neck that is very infected. She is severely dehydrated and has not had food in days. She weighed 38.5 lbs when she arrived at Chaparral. At this time, her prognosis is poor, but everyone at Chaparral is working on her," the vet report said.

A second report read, "So Chloe apparently was kicked in the neck by an adult donkey so hard that the wound got badly infected and there was a hole that went thru to the other side with maggots in it. She has been responding to treatment so far. She is not out of the woods yet, but she’s starting to show promising signs. AERO is accepting donations to help with the ICU costs."

And finally, the medical reports started showing promise.

"Chloe is eating well this morning and much of her bloodwork has stabilized. She has a strong will to live," the reports said.

The folks at Painted Promise Ranch even managed to get Jessica (kind of a surrogate mama donkey) to the Medical Center. Jessica is patiently "mothering" baby Chloe and giving her much needed milk.

Chloe will need several more week of vet care, and will soon outgrow her surrogate. Once she's strong enough, she could be considered for adoption. 

If you'd like to help contribute to her care costs, you can donate online at the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization page.

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