Final Four floor installed at UOP Stadium

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The national stage is set at the University of Phoenix Stadium. 

Crews assembled the basketball court for the Final Four games Friday.

Despite being nearly 10,000 square feet and weighing 14 tons, the floor was installed in a matter of hours.

"It's a lot of work that goes into this," said Brooke Cramblitt of Connor Sports.

Connor Sports is the company that manufactured the floor. According to Cramblitt, the floor's journey to Glendale spans cross-country.

Its roots are set in Michigan's snowy upper peninsula. This is one of the few places where sugar maple trees are found, which are the source of timber used on all competitive basketball courts.

"Because of its resiliency and its safety features and the performance that it gives to athletes."


The process of turning trees into the high-performance court began back in September.

"That's huge. That's almost the same amount of time that these teams have been practicing and playing games and preparing to get there."

According to Cramblitt, the wood is sustainably and single-sourced from a forest reserve.

"Because we've harvested from one area, it allows for more regrowth in the forest, so the forest becomes healthier. It gives it more option for rejuvenation."

The logs were then transported to a sawmill, where they were cut into strips, assembled into large panels and loaded on a truck sent to Idaho. They were painted and cured for a month, then disassembled, put back on a truck, and shipped to Phoenix.

Finally, a crew unloaded and installed the court where, ultimately, the 2017 college basketball champion will be crowned on April 3.

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