Protesters at the Capitol rally against Obamacare repeal

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(Source: 3TV/CBS5) (Source: 3TV/CBS5)

Dozens of protesters swooped down on the state Capitol on Thursday urging Congress to kill legislation that would repeal Obamacare.

Before the demonstration was over they got what they wanted, kind of.

Shortly after the protest began, a speaker at the event announced Congress delayed a vote on the American Health Care Act.

The celebration was short lived because they soon learned Republican leaders in Congress will try vote on the repeal tomorrow.

Still, opponents of the health care overhaul were cautiously optimistic.

Phoenix resident Toni Bannister was among those who attended the protest.

She believes public opposition to the health bill, which has a 17 percent approval rating, was responsible for the delay.

Bannister says she relies on Obamacare for medical care and would lose coverage if it's repealed.

"I'm one of the 14 million that's going to lose health care, boom, immediately," she said.

Over a decade ago, doctors diagnosed Bannister with breast and colon cancer.

She's healthy now but not out of the woods.

Bannister still requires regular screenings and blood work because doctors have warned that the cancer can return at anytime.

Regarding the health care battle now playing out in Washington D.C., Bannister said it is life and death for her.

"It's beyond personal, it's my life you now it really is my life," said Bannister

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