Arizona lawmaker honors kidney donors, urges more donations

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(Source: Ben Schonewille via 123RF) (Source: Ben Schonewille via 123RF)

An Arizona lawmaker is urging people to come forward as kidney donors to help save the lives of more than 2,000 people statewide who need transplants.

Rep. Heather Carter of Cave Creek brought a half-dozen donors and family members of transplant recipients to the Capitol Monday. She's trying to focus attention on the dire needs of those suffering from kidney failure and the search for more donors.

She calls watching people with end-stage kidney disease wait years for a live-saving transplant "heart-wrenching." Carter honored a donor on the House floor and introduced a memorial resolution proclaiming March 20 as "Living Kidney Donors Day."

Donating one of a person's kidneys can be done without affecting the health of the donor while saving the life of the recipient.

[ONLINE: National Kidney Foundation]

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