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Tournament fans should buy from NCAA site to avoid ticket fraud

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If you're thinking to buy tickets for the Final Four or Championship Game in Glendale, they're very expensive, so protect your money and make sure the tickets you buy are real.

March Madness fans taking in Thursday's action at Zipp's Sports Bar in Phoenix, say they'd love to witness the championship game.

"If you've got the money and you want to go to the event and get the shirt, cause that's part of it, to put that down on your bucket list," Phillip Polich said.

Tickets are expensive and scammers often offer fake tickets on Craigslist and other sites.

"With the technology and stuff we have, anybody could print any ticket, anywhere, that looks real, you kind of have to just do your research," Sean Sweeney said.

Not anymore. Smart consumers should only go one place to buy tournament tickets. The NCAA has established an official ticket exchange where fans can buy safely. Tickets bought on the site are 100 percent guaranteed.

If you've decided you want to go to the Championship Game in Glendale, and you want that added security of a guaranteed ticket, use the NCAA's official site. But you need to know, that extra security, comes at an extra cost. The NCAA tacks on an 18 percent surcharge to every ticket. Peace of mind isn't cheap, but it's worth it knowing you can't get scammed.

"If you want a guaranteed seat, I would say yes," Darren Jordan said.

"I would pay it, especially if my team got there, because it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Sean Sweeney said.

Just a few clicks and buyers can view seats all over University of Phoenix stadium. If you're going to spend big money on tickets, buy them at the site that guarantees they're real.

The site is is also great for sellers. If you have tickets and can't attend, you have a secure place to safely sell your tickets.

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