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DIY Neurocare of America not living up to guarantee

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Two seniors say they bought a pain management product solely because of a money-back guarantee and both the product and the guarantee turned out to be big disappointments.

As they age, many seniors look for ways to minimize their pain and they consider anything that might help. But if you're buying something based on a money-back guarantee, remember, the guarantee means nothing if the company goes under.

"You try to do things that make you feel better," Deanna McCoy said.

So Deanna McCoy bought a product she thought would do the trick. Her husband bought it also. It was a small, black, spongy pad that is supposed to use light to relieve pain. McCoy says she wasn't concerned about the $4000 cost because of a 12-month, money-back guarantee.

"We haven't got anything to lose because we can try it. If it works, great; it's well worth every dime. And if it doesn't, we'll get our money back," McCoy said.

McCoy says after seeing an ad in the paper for a company called DIY Neurocare of America she went to a presentation conducted by CEO Keith Day. McCoy says Day claimed his product would work wonders for pain anywhere on the body.

"After about six weeks it just got to be where, we felt like it was a waste of time because it was not doing any good," McCoy said.

The McCoy's say they continued using the pad twice daily for another four months, just as the guarantee requires. But when they finally asked for their money back they say DIY Neurocare of America claimed they hadn't participated in weekly coaching calls; another requirement.

"A lot of the times they claimed they called, we were home, the phone did not ring, there's no messages," McCoy said.

It's been six months. The McCoys say DIY Neurocare of America has never responded in any way and CBS 5 News has confirmed the business office for DIY Neurocare in Casa Grande is now closed.

"The attorney sent a demand letter, I followed up with a demand letter in February, nothing, no response to either of those, not a word." McCoy said.

CBS 5 News tracked down Keith Day, he told us that even though DIY Neurocare of America is out of business, he is offering refunds to eligible customers who request them. We will follow up to see if Day makes good on this promise to the McCoys and other customers.

Day says he is conducting the refund program on his own. He says his partner in the business, Dr. Joe Di Duro, has decided not to participate. We attempted to reach Di Duro but the phone numbers for his business were not in service.

Bottom line: Talk to your doctor before using any type of pain management device and never let a money-back guarantee sway your decision about an unknown product from an unknown company.

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