New twist to mom jeans is 'clearly' a bad idea

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As if "mom jeans" weren't bad enough.

Nordstrom and TopShop have teamed up to add clear plastic knee panels to these already-unflattering jeans.

{See them online HERE.)

The retailer is selling a $95 pair of high-waisted blue jeans with plastic, see-through kneecap covers sewn in.

Nordstrom offers this description: "Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans."

If your "knee-jerk" reaction is to search for a dislike button, you're not alone. The new (bad) fad is after being mocked across the internet.

Some of the online comments about the jeans are hilarious. They include:

"Great way to show off your skinned knees safely."

"My knees leading the way into a sure ticket to the "cool table". I'm not sure how I will handle all the new pressures of being this cool.

"When I saw these I immediately knew they could help me stay organized. I use washable markers and write reminders and my grocery list on the see-through inserts. For extra style, I use different colors and draw flowers. Then when my tasks are done, I wipe them clean and start over!"

"Sometimes I wear normal pants and I get really sad wondering how my knees are doing in there but I can't see them so I don't know. Now all of my dreams have come true it seems."

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