Rain, snowmelt making Grand Canyon Park's water cloudy

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The Grand Canyon (Source: National Park Service) The Grand Canyon (Source: National Park Service)

Grand Canyon National Park officials say the park's drinking water is a little cloudy - just like it is this time every year due to tiny particles of dissolved rock and minerals from snowmelt and spring rains.

Park officials say the water gets that way due to increased water flows through rock formations.

They say the suspended inorganic material remains in the treated potable water because it's too small to be removed by the centrifugal separation process used at Roaring Springs.

Officials say the annual event that typically lasts into late June or early July has been exhaustively studied over the past 22 decades.

They say the water doesn't pose a public health risk but that they increase chlorine treatment of the water because the turbidity can interfere with the disinfection process. 

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