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Seafood Scampi


Courtesy of: Chef Isaac Carter, Crab and Mermaid Fish Shop

Seafood Scampi

.5 oz. 10% oil
8oz.  cooked fettucine
4 each 16/20 shrimp
4 each u-15 scallops
4 oz. lobster
2 T. butter
1.5 T garlic
1 cup diced tomato
¼ c. white wine
t.t. basil
t.t. evoo
t.t. s&P
optional: red pepper flake

1.  In medium size sauté pan add 10% oil. 
2.  Over medium heat get oil hot.  Add seasoned scallops.  
3.  Cook to a golden brown on one side turn over and add seasoned shrimp.  
4.  As shrimp and scallops develop a golden brown color deglaze pan with white wine.  
5.  Add butter and pasta. 
6.  After a minute so add tomato, basil and season as needed. 
7.  Just before plating drizzle with evoo and red pepper flake.

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